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Feathercoin Advanced Checkpointing Released

Feathercoin have recently released their latest client ( featuring Advanced Checkpointing. As it stands, checkpointing is set to be 5000 blocks behind the current block. The new checkpointing system will automatically checkpoint the latest block. The feature is set to

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CryptoAve Trade Engine Revealed

A new update from the good folks at CryptoAve has revealed their prototype for their trade engine. All we can say is that this will be one of the better looking exchanges anyone has ever put out in the crypto

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SecureCoin Launching Tomorrow @ 8PM UTC

Exciting news for the crypto world. A new CPU only coin will be officially launched tomorrow @ 8PM UTC. We have been looking forward to this ever since they announced their development had begun. The aim of SecureCoin is to

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5 Innovative Crypto Developments That Will Change Everything


It seems like every day a new alt coin is released to the public. Many of these are nothing more than a simple clone of Bitcoin or Litecoin, offering nothing new other than revised block times or difficulty retargetting algorithms.

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Bitcoin and Online Gaming – Provably Fair, Transparent and Fast

  Bitcoin online gaming has become big business: in July 2013, the original online Bitcoin dice gaming site, SatoshiDice, sold for the equivalent of $11.5 million USD in Bitcoin. The unprecedented qualities of Bitcoin have resulted in many new benefits

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Bitcoin Foundation Set To Discuss With Top US Federal Agencies


Today is a big day for Bitcoin. Many members of the Bitcoin Foundation are meeting with some of the top US federal agencies today to discuss the currencies possible regulation. These agencies include the FBI, FinCEN, Secret Service, IRS, DEA,

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New Exchange, PhenixEx

PhenixEx, a new alt coin exchange has launched. The look of the site is gorgeous and the transactions are seamless. We really like this exchange’s potential. Currently, the exchange supports the following coins: Alphacoin BBQCoin Digitalcoin Franko Feathercoin Hobonickels Litecoin

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8 Bitcoin Startups That Will Blow You Away


It’s a new age for the cryptocurrency world and it seems like everyone and their mother is trying to get into the game. Every day new services and companies sprout up like wildfire. Here’s a list of several new ventures

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Earn Free DGC By Posting On Their Forum


Digitalcoin forums have just announced a neat new way to earn some Digitalcoin. All you need to do is start posting on their forum. Announcement below.   The digitalcoin forum at http://digitalcoin.co/forums is giving you the opportunity to earn money

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Crypto-Directory Launched! List Your Business Free For A Limited Time


CryptoSource is proud to announce the launch of it’s Crypto-Directory. In an effort to promote cryptocurrencies around the world, we have decided to integrate a directory in our site. For a limited time, you can post your business for free

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