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Is Bitcoin Really Anonymous?


Ever since we’ve first heard about Bitcoin, it was always touted to be a decentralized and anonymous currency. How much do you actually know about Bitcoin’s so called anonymity? Is it truly anonymous? After all, it is common knowledge that

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Digitalcoin Backed By $30k Investment


Coming off the heels of the new CryptoAve exchange. Digitalcoin has just announced that they have finalized a deal with a small group of investors for $30,000 USD. The funding will mostly be used for marketing in an effort to

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Bitcoin On It’s Way To Become A Regulated Currency In the US


Many of us thought that Bitcoin was unregulatable. However, the USA is suggesting otherwise. The U.S. has initiated a full fledged investigation into Bitcoin by a Senate committee. In light of the 22 subpoenas issues to many of the top

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Time For Litecoin To Start Looking Elsewhere Than Mt. Gox


It seems like every day you hear of someone pushing for Litecoin to be added to Mt. Gox. Our question is simple: Why? With all the issues MT. Gox has been having with US withdrawals and account seizures, you’ve got

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Bitcoin Gaining Legitimacy

A few days ago, the German Federal Ministry has officially declared Bitcoin as a form of private money. While not going so far as calling it a full fledged currency, it has acknowledged that is ok to be used in

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CryptoAve Prototype Unveiled! New Crypto Exchange With Fiat Options

The long awaited screen shots of the new exchange from the Digitalcoin developers have been released. The new exchange will dawn the name “CryptoAve” and will give users the possibilities of trading from fiat to BTC/LTC/DGC/ARG/SRC and vice versa. It

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Coinbase Now Allows You To Buy & Sell Bitcoin via SMS

Coinbase is now allowing their users to purchase Bitcoin via text messaging. This new service now allows anybody with a Coinbase account to use all the features of the site using their mobile phone. After you have verified your phone

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Bitcoin ATM Makers Open up Pre-Orders

Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures are the makers of an actual Bitcoin ATM which will actually convert your fiat currency to bitcoin right on the spot! The have funded their startup run of 15 units just a few hours after opening up

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SecureCoin Announced! A New Fast & Secure CPU Coin

SecureCoin is a fast and secure cryptographic digital currency based on Bitcoin. The specifications have been carefully chosen to maintain Bitcoin’s economic model. A single hashing algorithm poses a security risk because if it is compromised, the whole network is

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AMD Slashes Prices On HD 7990 Graphics Cards

It’s finally happened! AMD has finally caved and slashed it’s prices on the new Radeon HD 7990 graphics card’s by $300! That’s a whopping 30%! This is great news for amateur cryptocurrency miners. You should be able to save a

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