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The Silk Road Responds To Atlantis’ Shutdown

Just a few hours after the online black market, Atlantis, announced it was shutting it’s doors for good. The Silk Road issued the following statement: Atlantis was good for Silk Road and the community at large and I am sad

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Atlantis: Online Drug Black Market Shuts Its Doors

Bitcoin and Crypto-Currencies have long been associated with a much shadier side of the internet than many of us would like. Many of these black market websites are almost a clone of Amazon, except users can purchase illicit products such

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Buy Gift Cards Using Bitcoin

GiftcardBTC offers a unique service allowing people to purchase gift cards using Bitcoin. As you know, we at CryptoSource are big fans of new and exciting services allowing users to spend their Crypto-Currencies on real world items. This is just

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New Scrypt Coin Launches: PeopleCoin

PeopleCoin has officially launched and you can begin mining the coin now. PeopleCoin is a Scrypt PoW/PoS coin with 1 minute block targets and the difficulty re targeting every block. Only about 1.5 Million PeopleCoins will be created. The aim

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eGifter Now Accepting Bitcoin

eGifter has just announced that they are now accepting Bitcoin. The are fully integrated with the free online wallet from Coinbase. eGifter allows you to purchase gift cards for some major US retailers. This means, that you can now use

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SEO Warlock Now Accepting BTC, LTC, DGC & FTC

SEO Warlock is proud to announce that they will now be accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for their SEO Services. SEO Warlock specializes in Link Wheel and Wiki Links packages to help boost your website’s search engine rankings

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Trezor: Secure Hardware Bitcoin Wallet Set To Ship In October

Trezor’s secure hardware Bitcoin wallets are set to be delivered in October. Trezor offers a one of the most secure ways to store your Bitcoins offline. They offer a USB sized hardware wallet that can store your Bitcoin safely and

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Franko Mandatory Client Update By October 15th

Franko’s latest client update is now live. This update contains many fixes and addresses several security issues. We are excited to try this new client out. Windows Binary: http://frankos.org/downloads/Franko- Linux Binary: http://frankos.org/downloads/Franko- Source: http://www.github.com/franko-org/franko Updates CVE-2013-5700 Bloom: filter crash issue

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UNOCS Disbands

After only a few months of operation, it seems clear that the people behind UNOCS weren’t able to come to an agreement on how to properly run the business. It was officially announced this morning that UNOCS has officially disbanded.

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Could Bitcoin Ever Be Overtaken By A Competitor?


We’ve been asked countless times if we think that Bitcoin could ever be replaced by a better coin. Kind of like what happened with Myspace when Facebook came along. Could the same happen to Bitcoin? What would it take? Bitcoin

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