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PROMO: Get A Free & Instant Invite to Coinkite.com via CryptoSource for the next 72 hours only!

Currently, Coinkite is an invite only service in beta testing. For the next 72 hours, you will be able to bypass the invite process if you visit Coinkite via the CryptoSource website. Coinkite empowers customers and merchants to transact in

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Cryptsy Releases Exchange Fee Shares

The alternate currency exchange, Cryptsy, has announced today that they are releasing 100,000 non-dilutable fee shares for a price of 0.05 BTC per share at IPO via CryptoStocks. These shares allow the holder to a portion of the dividends obtained from fees

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The Reason Behind The Bitcoin Price Pump


There is a lot of speculation circulation about why the Bitcoin price is on the rise at the moment. Is it some company partnering up with Bitcoin? Are people just buying in massively to make a profit soon? Maybe it

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eGifter Now Offering Wal-Mart Gift Cards

In addition to the 100+ Gift Cards that they have opened up to the Bitcoin Community, they now offer Walmart Gift Cards. Now the community can use Bitcoin to purchase the staples like gas and groceries. eGifter are fully integrated

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The Taming of the Shrew: Investment Banking the Cryptocurrency

With prospector optimism up on the heels of events at BTC China and among the highest levels seen since before the April crash, the dramatic ending to both Silk Road and Atlantis is looking more and more like the best

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Photos & Recap from Montreal’s Bitcoin Embassy Meetup (Oct 19th, 2013)

Another Bitcoin Embassy meetup has come and gone and I must say, they keep getting better and better every time I go. After a brief networking session where you could discuss Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with your peers, the Embassy presented

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Bitcoin’s Recent Fall & Recovery


The U.S Congress has finally opened government again after passing it’s US debt bill, as the Senate approved the bill 81-18 and the House of Representatives approved it with 285-144. What does this mean for Bitcoin, and it’s trading value?

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Many new features coming to Cryptsy

Cryptsy announced today that they will be migrating their data center from a hosted solution to their own private servers. This is a big step in establishing the exchange and stabilizing some of the lag issues they have had recently.

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Luckycoin mandatory client update! Hard fork at block 69360!

With less than 50 blocks to go, it is definitely time to update your Luckycoin clients. This update is predominantly a difficulty fix update to attempt to ward off profit seeking pools. The update targets new block times, retarget intervals

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The Long and Winding LTC Road is Just Beginning

With Midas approaching and the averted U.S. government shutdown giving BTC holders a bit of a roller coaster to enjoy this month, Litecoin enthusiasts have been disappointed to find LTC prices in a slump. Detractors relish in saying that Litecoin’s

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