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MegaCoin Launches Paper Wallet Generator

Source: https://github.com/skincoin/megaaddress.org Hey all, With the rising demand for Megacoins, the demand for a good paper wallet generator has risen with it. In response, I’ve taken some time to port over the wonderful work that was bitaddress.org to support Megacoin

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TAGCoin Mandatory Update

Mandatory update to v1.0.2.1, source code now posted to github – please upgrade. Bug fixes: • Min TX fee within the QT client is now properly enforced at all levels • TX fee message has been updated New difficulty scaling

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Coinkite Black Friday Deal! 50% off the POS Terminal

  Coinkite’s Black Friday Deal! Simple rules, We will keep the terminal price at 50% off during the 29th. (Around ~$550 CAD) The price may be corrected during the day according to Bitcoin exchange rate. Invoices must be paid on

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Cryptsy Launches New Interface! Beautiful!

Yesterday, the Cryptsy exchange has launched their new user interface. Our initial thoughts are that it looks much cleaner and more professional. The sleek new design greatly facilitates navigating the site.  Along with the new UI they have also released

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mcxNOW Shutting Down? WOW!

Wow! We didn’t see this one coming. Today, mcxNOW users were greeted with a message stating the popular exchange would be shutting down for “a while”.  Users will have up until December 20th to withdraw their funds. We have no

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Worldcoin Rocking Your World

Dear Monday, while you may still suck when I get up the morning, you are definitely growing on me week by week. This has nothing to do with the fact that I may or may not enjoy getting up in

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Photos & Recap from Montreal’s Bitcoin Embassy Meetup (Nov 23rd, 2013)

The day of the latest Bitcoin Embassy meetup has come and gone. This has been the 3rd meetup CryptoSource has attended and the turn out for this event was ridiculous. Attendance has easily doubled since the last meeting just a

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Smallholders (You) and You


In case you were wondering, there is no going back. The Crypto Age is now irrefutably and undeniably upon us. With the support of the U.S. government and the adoption of cryptocurrency in the Chinese markets, there is now no

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Scharmbeck Mining Pool – It’s Live!

The dawn of a new day, has never looked, as good as this! That’s a quote from a song, and far from reality, because Bitcoin ruined my investments by flippity flopping all night & morning. Stupid piece of sh…. Anyway!

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Feathercoin Official Weekly Update


Here is an official update on the progress of Feathercoin. You can follow the discussion here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=339334.0 The abundance of open source has met with the scarcity of money. If money were not scarce it would not force us to make

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