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CryptoGameKeys – Where Crypto And Gaming Come Together

We all love virtual stuff. To be more precise, a lot of us love games. Most of them enjoy the occasional PC game, because the prices are on average cheaper than the console version. The majority of the people reading

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First Scharmbeck Interim Dividend Payments

Ahh, Mondays…What’s not to hate? Getting up early after a weekend, going back to work , same old routines, blahblah. Shut up, take a seat and read on. There is actually some good news to come today. Well, not for

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Peercoin Weekly Newsletter # 3

Peercoin has started doing something interesting in the past couple of weeks. They have begun issuing weekly newsletters to keep the community up to date with their development progress. The 1st edition can be seen here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=321355.msg The 2nd edition here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=326659.0

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Worldcoin Paper Wallet – Available Now!

When we are dealing with the internet and connectivity, there is always one rule of thumb everyone needs to keep in the back of their heads : be secure. Even though most people prefer ease of use over security, when

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Introducing The Franko Collective

article by Moe McLendon The crypto world can seem hostile and confusing to a beginner. Everyone seems to be out for themselves; rumors of scams abound, and fear rules the day. Well, no longer! The Franko Collective is a neutral

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UPDATE: BTC-E will not close the FTC/BTC trading pair!

It seems BTC-E has reconsidered it’s decision to stop trading Feathercoin. Just a few hours after they announced they would be closing FTC trading on December 1st, they have modified their post to simply confirm the removal of TRC. Good

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BTC-e Announces It Will Delist FTC and TRC on December 1st

In a shocking turn of events, BTC-E has just announced today that it plans to close the trading pairs of FTC/BTC and TRC/BTC on December 1st due to low volume. With the recent rise of Bitcoin, it is no surprise

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Scharmbeck : Dividend Payments Next Week, over 50% of Shares Sold

It’s been a busy first day of the week for yours truly, and once again, the Worldcoin team has hit a ball out of the park. As you will probably remember, they announced the Worldcoin Financial Services, or Scharmbeck, a

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Earn Free Money & Coins on Crypto-Trade!

How often in life do we get promised to receive something for free? No strings attached, no hard work involved, …. yada yada .Most of the claims and offers are, of course, completely useless, and mostly you end up with

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cgminer Releases v3.8.1 update

It’s time again to update your miners. cgminer has just released version 3.8.1 of their command line mining software. You can download the application from the following location: http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/ The change log is included below: Version 3.8.1 – 11th November

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