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Coin Pursuit: Clearing the Air about Cryptocurrency

Stories about Bitcoin and other digital currencies are all over the media these days. They trumpet the news that the market is either up or down and there doesn’t seem to be any gray area between those who love digital

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Quick Quick Coin (QQC) Launches

QQcoin is an alternate cryptocurrency using a combination of the latest SCRYPT type encryption algorithms. This offers active Difficulty adjustment as well as increasing the mining algorythm to help protect it from ASCI miners. Quick Quick Coin is exactly that,

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Mooncoin Pre-Launch Announcement

This is a pre-launch announcement. All shuttles will be given a 24-hour boarding notice prior to launch! NO PRE-MINE! With over 384 billion MOON available, there is one coin for each millimeter of distance from the Earth to the Moon!

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Molecule (MOL) Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Molecule on 14 December 2013. Molecule is a CPU minable alt coin based on Quark, which was in turn based on SifCoin.  The coin uses a combination of algorithms that makes it

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Catcoin Released

CATCOIN (CAT) Website http://www.catcoin.pw/   SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo Proof-of-Work Block reward: 50 CAT Block time: 10 minutes Retarget: 2,016 blocks Max supply: 21 million Starting difficulty: 0.00024414 Reward halving interval: 210,000 blocks   DOWNLOADS Windows https://www.catcoinp…/catcoin-qt.rar Source Code https://github.com/kR105/catcoin  

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Coinmart.co – A Cryptocurrency Marketplace for BTC, LTC, DGC (In Development)

Coinmart is a cryptocurrency marketplace where users can buy or sell services and virutal/physical items. Coinmart offers a platform for both merchants and everyday users to buy and sell items or purchase services. From a merchant selling 100’s of ASIC

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Earthcoin Launches – Neat Idea

  Official Website: http://earthcoin.biz/ About EarthCoin Do we REALLY need another ALT? *It’s happening, they’re everywhere! Nothing is stopping anyone from launching their own project/coin/crypto. However, due to the recent cluster* in the market we’re all seeing developers and teams

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Digitalcoin v1.1 Mandatory Update


This is a mandatory update for all DigitalCoin users. All wallet QT and daemon users must update before block 625,800. Please update ASAP. Change log: – Difficulty stepping further refined to 25% in either direction. – Checkpoints updated. – Further

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Feathercoin 0.8.5 is now released


From Bushstar on the Feathercoin forums: We now have a stable Feathercoin 0.8.5 client for people to use. Thanks to everyone in the community who participated in testing this client. It has been a community effort to get this new

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Inside Bitcoins – Las Vegas – Quick Recap & Photos


It’s been a busy week. We’ve hardly had time to breathe since we got back from Las Vegas and with the holidays coming up, things don’t look like they will be letting up anytime soon. We had a great time

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