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Saturncoin poised for a February 1st Launch

Saturncoin Lets get ready for the first flight to Saturn! The launch date is the Saturday, February the 1th 2014 at 21:00 GMT and there are still enough seats available in our rocket. Be one of the first people ever who

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Bitoomba Casino Offers the Ultimate Bitcoin Gambling Experience

Bitoomba Casino is certainly the go-to gambling site for a fun and profitable experience of betting on your favorite casino games with bitcoins. It is packed with innovative and exciting Bitcoin products that will absolutely give other online casinos a

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Scharmbeck Announces 500 Bitcoin Bounty

Scharmbeck is offering a 500 BTC bounty (currently, $485,000 USD equivalent; ref. www.mtgox.com) to celebrate meeting beta test, marketing and social media goals! Rules for collecting the bounty: 1. A randomly selected Scharmbeck Feeshare (SBFS) holder will be invited to perform

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Good buys and coins to avoid. How daily coin maintenance costs should factor into your investment decisions

As a crypto related blog, we often get questions from users asking us for our opinions on various alt coins. People want to know what our investment recommendations are. We are always hesitant to answer. We feel that investments are

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BitCommoditiz – New and Different : 10 crypto commodities!

NEW AND DIFFERENT ! NOT JUST AN OTHER SERIE OF COINS. A full network of ten virtual crypto commodities for which hashing difficulty varies with the price of a real underlying commodity! Example: difficulty for mining Goldz varies with the

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A serious crypto competitor: Unobtanium

Unobtanium is starting to make some waves in the crypto community. For a once overlooked coin, the development team is really making some strides with this gem of a coin. They now appear to have some serious backers. UNO was

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iXcoin: a very old Bitcoin clone ready to skyrocket

Examining the world of cryptocurrencies, you will notice how 2013 has given birth to a great number of new coins. Many are just based on a meme, a momentary trend, or just having a nice name. Actually, 2014 will see

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The Dark Horse Gains a Bit of Gravity

The world of cryptocurrency is a competitive place driven by profit margins. In the past there was a particular problem with Bitcoin miners hopping pool to get the most profit for mining Bitcoin. In present day, the problem has evolved

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In Satoshi We Trust or in Charlie We Trust?

A quote from Charlie Lee, “Litecoin versus Bitcoin is like Facebook versus Google Plus”. What he means by this is that it would be difficult to usurp Bitcoin and crown Litecoin King due to Bitcoin’s present stature as cryptocurrency of

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Mediabistro’s Inside Bitcoins Conference is going on a World Tour in 2014

Inside Bitcoins recently took place in Las Vegas on December 10-11, 2013 and drew over 1,500 attendees from all over the world. Mediabistro announced that it will be taking the Inside Bitcoins Conference on a World Tour in 2014. On February

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