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CryptoFrenzy Portfolio update adds new currencies and coin selector

If you haven’t heard of CryptoFrenzy yet, you should definitely check them out. They offer a free portfolio service that allows you to track your crypto earnings. The portfolio will automatically calculate the value of your crypto holdings and convert

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MemoryCoin the Charitable CryptoCurrency

The MemoryCoin community announced a few days ago that any charitable organization who wishes to become MemoryCoin’s Official Charity, can publicly declare itself a candidate to receive a 1% donation of all coins mined; as of January 8th, this amount

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Singapore Declares Bitcoin Taxable

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has stated in an email that gains from transactions in Bitcoin will be taxed as Income Tax, for companies and individuals based in Singapore. It was also mentioned that if the Bitcoins were

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Bitcoin Is A Gamble, Lottocoin A Safe Bet

Bitcoin has seen a great adoption rate when it comes to online services. Whether you want to purchase physical or digital goods, subscribe to paid services or play online games, Bitcoin is usually a possible payment method. In some of

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Bitoomba’s exciting new slot machine launches

As one of the Bitcoin gaming leaders, Bitoomba is poised to further strengthen its appeal to the online community of gamblers through the ongoing launch of its newest games. Bitcoomba is taking care of its players and the level of

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PR: Bitcoin popular Christmas gift: bit4coin.net announces 1,000th bitcoin gift card sold!

PRESS RELEASE from bit4coin.net Bitcoin is a popular holiday gift: After launching our bitcoin gift card service bit4coin (https://bit4coin.net) in Amsterdam in November, we have just sold our 1000th gift card! Interestingly enough, judging from purchase and redemption patterns, we

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War Of The Cryptocurrency, Who Wins?

Bitcoin to the moon! Litecoin is the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Sierra Leone is waking up. Floridian swamp gypsies will save Bitcoin. These are just a few of the tamer things you will see when you visit a trollbox on

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Introducing blockr.io : New block explorer for crypto currency

Blockr.io released its web page and products to general public just last week. The page lives in the digital coins world, parsing transactions and blocks of coins to a human-readable form and presents them to users in a friendly and

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RapidBalls : Automated, Hassle-free & Fair gambling

There is a new and very fun gambling site in town called RapidBalls. Unlike your average online gambling website, you have a chance to win every 5 minutes, and profits will be paid out immediately. Not to mention how easy

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NXT Official Launch NXT Generation of Cryptocurrency Begins Now

Being the first of its kind, NXT breaks alt coin history by being 100% new Proof of Stake (PoS) code, 100% green, completely decentralized, and fast. NXT offers cutting edge features such as instant transaction confirmations, decentralized DNS/Trading, and Transparent

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