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CEX.IO strongly recommends Two-Factor Authentication

On February 11th, 2014, CEX.IO Bitcoin Commodity Exchange implemented a phone verification feature with the Two-Factor Authentication. The decision to introduce this system aims to strengthen CEX.IO security system in general and increase safety of each member of CEX.IO continuously

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Introducing Skycoin

— Skycoin — Written From Scratch in Golang. Inspired by Bitcoin 15 second transactions. 100 million coins Provably Secure. First Secure Non-PoW Coin No mining. No 51% attack. No double spending github: https://github.com/skycoin Skycoin is a second generation crypto coin.

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Guaranteed anonymity in new social media Duvamis

Recently a new anonymous social media Duvamis has launched . It targets all adult Internet users with a free spirit worldwide. These are all those who have participated in existing social networks or media, as well as those who had

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BitCommoditiz: A new player is emerging on the cryptomarket

A new player is emerging on the crypto currencies market. It’s name? “BitCommoditiz”. BitCommoditiz went public on bitcointalk.org on January 24th… and on February 1st got first rate at 0.0001BTC for 1 XAUz! The idea of BitCommoditiz is to tie

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Pet supply e-commerce startup accepting Bitcoin

Veterinary Internet Company, an e-commerce retailer selling pet supplies at www.vetinternetco.com, is now accepting Bitcoin for all pet supply purchases. VetInternetCo.com is working with Atlanta-based Bitpay, the large Bitcoin processor whose clients include WordPress, Zynga and the Sacramento Kings. The

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Introducing Dub – A Lightweight Client for Digitalcoin


  Digitalcoin is at it again! This community never ceases to amaze me. Always innovating and always on the lookout for new avenues and products. Just prior to the much anticipated CryptoAve launch, a Digitalcoin community member has released a

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Crypto Investements: The deceiving human perception in the crypto-currency world

Many times the purchase of  a specific coin is subject to these conditions: the reliability of a certain coin; the possible speculation; the future value it can obtain. So, what does determine the value of a coin? Mainly four factors:

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