8 Bitcoin Startups That Will Blow You Away

It’s a new age for the cryptocurrency world and it seems like everyone and their mother is trying to get into the game. Every day new services and companies sprout up like wildfire. Here’s a list of several new ventures to keep an eye out for.

1. Coinbase


Coinbase, a San Francisco based company created an online digital wallet that allows you to safely use, buy and accept Bitcoin. They offer payment processing to allow any merchant to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. They also allow you to sell your Bitcoin and have the funds transferred directly to your bank account. The service is exceptionally seamless and allows for just about anyone to get in on the Bitcoin train.


2. BitPay


BitPay is a payment processor openning up bitcoin payments to online merchants everywhere. Think Paypal, only for Bitcoin. This great start-up theoretically opens up Bitcoin purchases to any merchant who wishes to offer the service and should greatly help Bitcoin in becoming a legitamte payment option accross the globe. They offer the service to over 200 countries and also offer for payouts in local currencies instead of Bitcoin.


3. TruCoin Technologies


TruCoin is a trading platform that combines multiple major Bitcoin exchanges and sets them up in one easy to use interface. This allows users to buy their coins on exchanges with lower prices and then sell them on exchanges with higher prices. This should do wonders to help stabalize the Bitcoin market and keep price discrepancies to a minimum between exchanges. They are also one of the only places where you will actually be able to place stop loss orders to limit your losses should the value dramatically decrease.


4. BTC Jam


BTC Jam is a peer to peer Bitcoin lending network. Borrowers can ask for and receive loans with a pre-determined interest rate. Once the loaner finds a lender and terms are agreed upon, the coins are then sent to the borrower and the borrower makes periodic payments to the investors. Imagine a world where currency floats freely, with no borders… where you can lend or borrow bitcoins, without having to worry about banks and other intermediaries. A place where investors can earn higher returns and borrowers can choose rates they can afford. It’s about making credit accessible. Finally, imagine these transactions being instantaneous, hassle free, and taking place among a growing community of globally trusted people.


5. Gliph


Gliph brings the Bitcoin world to your mobile device. It is a beautiful text messaging app that allows you to connect, communicate and transact with anyone you want no matter where you are. Imagine, settling bills and debts between friends, securily accepting payments on classified sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji. The sky is the limit with Gilph.


6. Alydian


Alydian is revolutionzing the Bitcoin industry with enterprise-scale mining. They deliver turnkey terahash and petahash-scale Bitcoin mining for industry and investors. This service will open up mining to the less technically inclined Bitcoin supporters. They will not need to worry about hardware requirements or configuration settings. You simply need to buy out a contract and rent some of their mining power.


7. Coinsetter


Coinsetter is a secure Bitcoin trading platform with tools for serious forex traders. They enable you to access the best prices from major exchanges and boost your trading on our platform built by Wall Street professionals. Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or looking for a more reliable and user-friendly platform, Coinsetter is the trading solution for you.


8. BTC Trip


BTC Trip is your Bitcoin only travel agency. Allowing you to purchase real flights with Bitcoin. This is simply the beginning for this great new startup.


As you can see, new companies are emerging daily and with Bitcoin being more widely accepted and accessible throughout the world, it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin revolutionizes everything from the way we look at money to the way we purchase goods and services. Things are definitely looking up for Bitcoin and the future is very bright!

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9 comments on “8 Bitcoin Startups That Will Blow You Away
  1. Joe says:

    Worst list ever. I can name better startups.

  2. Lee says:

    Don’t forget CoinsForTech.com! We’re an Australian based electronics wholesaler accepting bitcoin only as payment. Being a merchant I’m not sure we’re eligible for lists like these but it’s nice to spread the word!

  3. Marc says:

    I lost some money on BTC Jam because people didn’t pay back and now I can do nothing. Be careful or better stay away.

  4. Haasonline says:

    Can you add my Simple Trade Bot to your list too?

  5. Chris Beach says:

    After much frustration with exchanges I built https://www.cointouch.com/ to find friends of friends that want to trade bitcoins.

    The site shows offers to buy and sell within your extended social network. Prices are pegged to market rates (MtGox or CoinDesk), at your chosen spread, and thus automatically update every minute. There are no fees, no delays and no BS.

    CoinTouch can price in all major world currencies. More altcoins coming soon. Currently supports Facebook login – Google and LinkedIn coming soon.

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