A serious crypto competitor: Unobtanium

unobtaniumUnobtanium is starting to make some waves in the crypto community. For a once overlooked coin, the development team is really making some strides with this gem of a coin. They now appear to have some serious backers. UNO was launched in October 2013 and significant progress has been made since then. UNO was finally listed on the Cryptsy exchange in December, 2013.

The Unobtanium team are currently in the process of changing the wallet and using a new transacting system. They are working on their own exchange and a their own robust version of bitpay. They feature a next-gen price API with international currency support. Unobtanium calls themselves the next-gen crypto for serious traders.

In many ways, Unobtanium acts more like a high paced adaptive startup. Nothing like this has ever been done. Now Unobtanium claims to have one of the best teams in the world working on their products.  There’s only a few days left till the UNO rewards half.  UNO is also one of the rare coins featuring no premine or bounties.

Take a moment and check out the Unobtanium website for more information: http://unobtanium.io/

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