Due to many inquiries, CryptoSource.org is proud to announce we will now be accepting advertising requests. We are currently getting between 200 and 1000 views a day with 525+ twitter followers and 300+ Facebook followers. This is a great opportunity to help promote your crypto related business. We have created 7 zones on our site to provide space for advertisers and partners to assist in increasing visibility as well as to promote our partners products. The zones are as follows:





Ad Zones

  • Ad Zones 1-6 are offered in 300 x 90 pixel blocks
  • Ad Zone 7 is offered in 200 x 50 pixel blocks
  • Ad Zones 1-3 can be combined to fit larger banners
  • Ad Zones 4-6 can be combined to fit larger banners
  • Ad Zone 7 can be pruchased multiple times for larger vertical banners
  • A 10% discount is applied for each additional zone purchased (Maximum of 30% discount)


Ad Zones are rented on a monthly basis (ex. October 7th – November 7th). Ad Zones may be purchased on a 3 month contract (an additional 10% discount will be applied for a 3 month contract). We currently accept payment in the form of BTC, LTC, DGC and SRC (We will adjust for prices in LTC/DGC/SRC).

Ad Zones 1-3

  • 0.4 BTC/month

Ad Zone 7

  • 0.3 BTC/month

Ad Zones 4-6

  • 0.2 BTC/month


**Prices are subject to change. Once we agree on a contract, the price will remain the same until the contract expires.

***Advertisements need to be approved by CryptoSource and contain no nudity or offensive material. We will not promote scam sites.

For more information, or to get started, simply get in touch with us by visiting our Contact page.

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