Anoncoin Mandatory Downgrade to fix forking issues

anoncoinAnoncoin has been having a few issues lately. It has been determined that the blockchain was being forked recurringly, and have yet to find the cause. As a temporary solution they will be releasing a reworked version of the 0.7 branch instead of 0.8. The new 0.7 release will still include the kimoto gravity well difficulty algorithm.

Hotfix – downgrade 0.7.5

Windows binaries released: https://anoncoin.net/downloads/

This release still have the new protocol in place when we hit block 87777.

Source: https://github.com/Anoncoin/anoncoin

Abstract: It seems like an yet unknown patch between bitcoin 0.6.9 and bitcoin didn’t like the calculations Anoncoin used. Messages(blocks alerts, etc) between nodes got delayed, and some pools reported crashing. We have locked into a “last known good block”.



Goto %appdata% (type it in the dialog after pressing windows+r), then click into the Anoncoin folder. Delete all files except wallet.dat.


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