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Crypto Investements: The deceiving human perception in the crypto-currency world

Many times the purchase of  a specific coin is subject to these conditions: the reliability of a certain coin; the possible speculation; the future value it can obtain. So, what does determine the value of a coin? Mainly four factors:

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iXcoin: a very old Bitcoin clone ready to skyrocket

Examining the world of cryptocurrencies, you will notice how 2013 has given birth to a great number of new coins. Many are just based on a meme, a momentary trend, or just having a nice name. Actually, 2014 will see

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Bitcoin Is A Gamble, Lottocoin A Safe Bet

Bitcoin has seen a great adoption rate when it comes to online services. Whether you want to purchase physical or digital goods, subscribe to paid services or play online games, Bitcoin is usually a possible payment method. In some of

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Infinitecoin Returning

Infinitecoin tries a comeback! The download for this wallet is offered by mediafire.  There is no installation to speak of, just unzip the file contents to a folder, and run infinitecoin-qt. Simple enough.. This is where the 1st time user

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What Is Bitcoin? A Short Review


With the increased attention Bitcoin is getting these days, we thought we’d outline a few key points for new users and perhaps a little refresher for seasoned bitcoiners: Bitcoin is known as an open source P2P digital currency, also known

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