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Smallholders (You) and You


In case you were wondering, there is no going back. The Crypto Age is now irrefutably and undeniably upon us. With the support of the U.S. government and the adoption of cryptocurrency in the Chinese markets, there is now no

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Prepare for the Coming Alt-Coin Deluge

With Bitcoin’s recent surge, and the prospect that Litecoin may be about to explode in price on Mt. Gox becoming more and more an accepted reality, there has been what can only be described as a “giant sucking sound” pulling

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The Taming of the Shrew: Investment Banking the Cryptocurrency

With prospector optimism up on the heels of events at BTC China and among the highest levels seen since before the April crash, the dramatic ending to both Silk Road and Atlantis is looking more and more like the best

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The Long and Winding LTC Road is Just Beginning

With Midas approaching and the averted U.S. government shutdown giving BTC holders a bit of a roller coaster to enjoy this month, Litecoin enthusiasts have been disappointed to find LTC prices in a slump. Detractors relish in saying that Litecoin’s

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MCXNow 2.0: The Inside Skinny on the Internet’s Only Interest-Paying Exchange

With exchanges springing up left and right while MtGox puts the finishing touches on their Midas engine, the small-scale, C++ based MCXNow is still the only one that offers interest on their users’ deposits, emerging as a dark horse in

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