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Worldcoin Rocking Your World

Dear Monday, while you may still suck when I get up the morning, you are definitely growing on me week by week. This has nothing to do with the fact that I may or may not enjoy getting up in

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Scharmbeck Mining Pool – It’s Live!

The dawn of a new day, has never looked, as good as this! That’s a quote from a song, and far from reality, because Bitcoin ruined my investments by flippity flopping all night & morning. Stupid piece of sh…. Anyway!

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CryptoGameKeys – Where Crypto And Gaming Come Together

We all love virtual stuff. To be more precise, a lot of us love games. Most of them enjoy the occasional PC game, because the prices are on average cheaper than the console version. The majority of the people reading

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First Scharmbeck Interim Dividend Payments

Ahh, Mondays…What’s not to hate? Getting up early after a weekend, going back to work , same old routines, blahblah. Shut up, take a seat and read on. There is actually some good news to come today. Well, not for

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Worldcoin Paper Wallet – Available Now!

When we are dealing with the internet and connectivity, there is always one rule of thumb everyone needs to keep in the back of their heads : be secure. Even though most people prefer ease of use over security, when

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Scharmbeck : Dividend Payments Next Week, over 50% of Shares Sold

It’s been a busy first day of the week for yours truly, and once again, the Worldcoin team has hit a ball out of the park. As you will probably remember, they announced the Worldcoin Financial Services, or Scharmbeck, a

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Earn Free Money & Coins on Crypto-Trade!

How often in life do we get promised to receive something for free? No strings attached, no hard work involved, …. yada yada .Most of the claims and offers are, of course, completely useless, and mostly you end up with

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Scharmbeck Shares : Strong Worldcoin Support

You’ve probably seen or heard Scharmbeck by now. If not, you deserve a slap in the face for being ignorant. Really, a big, fat slap. Regardless of your slapping fetish however, the time has come to break down some numbers

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Scharmbeck Shares Available Soon

The good news just keeps coming in, and once again, it’s Worldcoin related. Here’s some advice to you Worldcoin haters ; read all my recent articles & then rethink which side of the fence you want to be on in

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Worldcoin Announces Scharmbeck Shares

If one of the altcoins keep making the headlines these days, it has to be Worldcoin. Love it or hate it, but their community is one of the most active I have ever seen. A few days ago, the Worldcoin

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