BitCommoditiz: A new player is emerging on the cryptomarket

bitcommodA new player is emerging on the crypto currencies market. It’s name? “BitCommoditiz”. BitCommoditiz went public on bitcointalk.org on January 24th… and on February 1st got first rate at 0.0001BTC for 1 XAUz! The idea of BitCommoditiz is to tie – by software design – a whole set of crypto currencies to some real underlying commodities. For example when you mine for Goldz the mining difficulty is correlated with the price of real gold (at the London Bullion market). As a result, the price variations of Goldz should follow the price variations of real gold. You have crypto gold!

The rumor says a former trader is behind the BitCommoditiz concept. A strong dev team for an in-depth modification of the original Bitcoin source code, a list of public pools for miners, a dedicated topic on bitcointalk… et voila! No special hardware is required, everybody can get their piece of Goldz. 0.0001BTC for 1 XAUz is still rather far away from the real gold price per ounce, however the BitCommoditiz concept could become a major strong player among the meaningless cryptocoins that pop up everydays. More information http://www.bitcommoditiz.org

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