[BitCommoditiz] What is the Mining Value Indicator?

bitcommodThe Mining Value Indicator helps you to decide which BitCommoditiz to mine. It gives you in real time a classification of the better BitCommoditiz to mine ranked from the most « profitable » to the less « profitable ». The higher the indicator, the better the mining reward.

Let’s explain that… In the real life, you know that gold worths better than cocoa, OK. Now please pay attention that, on the real commodities market, the base unit for gold is troy ounce – today USD 1,317 per ounce – whereas the base unit for cocoa is ton (today USD 2,922 per ton). So if the amount of work to produce each unit of real commodity was the same, better run a cocoa plantation than mine for gold.

In the BitCommoditiz world base units are the same than thoses in the real life… but what about the « amount of work »? In the crypto world the « amount of work » is the difficulty . It is function of the hashing power of the network. This makes the decision to choose which BitCommoditiz to mine more complex, but not so much. The ‘mining value indicator’ gets the computation for you and helps you to take the right decision. Each BitCommoditiz value indicator reflects the “value produced per unit of BitCommoditiz difficulty“ compared with Goldz, the higher the indicator the better the mining reward.

Finally, yes, it’s that simple… follow the indicator. See the indicator here: http://www.bitcommoditiz.org/where-to-mine/ One could object that no BitCommoditiz has no real value right now either in the real world, nor on any e-market. Yes that’s the truth, I would better talk about « potential value » and « potentialy profitable », real value will come with miners. It is not a serious objection to say that a just-born crypto coin has more « potential » than real value.

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