cgminer 3.5 is now available

cgminer has just been updated to version 3.5 today. cgminer is a command line based mining application which allows you to mine crypto-currencies. See our Mining guide on how to get started.

You can download the latest version here: http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/

Complete changelog information for the new version is outlined below:

– Add magic init sequence required on BF1 devices to get them mining on windows.
– usbinfo.devlock is only ever write locked so convert it to a mutex
– Icarus remove unneeded opt_debug tests due to applog being a macro
– Icarus – CMR shouldn’t wait the full timeout due to handle sharing
– We should only yield once in cg_wunlock
– Provide a function to downgrade a cglock from a write lock to an intermediate
– Deuglify use of _PARSE_COMMANDS macro expansions.
– Deuglify use of usb parse commands macro in usbutils.
– Use the driver add commands macros in api.c to avoid individually listing
– Separate out asic fpga and opencl drivers in the driver parse commands macro
for use individually as needed.
– Use macro expansion in usb_find_devices to avoid explicitly listing them all.
– Use macro expansion to iterate over all the drivers without explicitly writing
them out in usbutils.c
– Iterate over the bitfury offsets in order of decreasing likelihood.
– Reattach the kernel driver on linux on usb_uninit.
– Attach the kernel driver on failure to usb init on linux.
– libusb kernel driver operations are only available on linux.
– There is no need to get the external prototypes for drivers in cgminer.c any
– Remove unnecessary gpu_threads initialisation.
– Put avalon last in the sequence of adding drivers to prevent it trying to
claim similar chip devices on startup.
– Use macro expansion to iterate over all device drivers without needing to
explicitly code in support in all places. Pass a hotplug bool to the detect()
function to prevent opencl trying to hogplug GPUs.
– Forward declare all device drivers in miner.h avoiding the need to export them
everywhere else.
– Add a noop function for driver detect when it’s missing.
– Reuse the DRIVER_ macros to avoid having yet another definition for DRV_
– Use macro expansion to generate extern device_drv prototypes.
– Create a macro list of drivers to enable easier addition of further drivers.
– There is no point setting the BF1 preferred packet size to the maximum since
it will do so automatically.
– icarus ensure all cmr interfaces are initialised properly
– usbutils – fix USBDEBUG warnings
– Remove unnecessary steps in communicating with BF1 and just use USB interface
– usbutils – usb_bulk_transfer fix the buf/data fix
– usb_bulk_transfer – use the allocated buffer
– Set preferred packet sizes per interface on BF1.
– usbutils allow PrefPacketSize per endpoint
– Remove magic control sequences on open/close on BF1 and just flush the read
– Check return codes in getinfo and reset and fail as needed in BF1.
– Check return code for bitfury_open and release resources properly on failed
– Abstract out flushing of interrupt reads in BF1 devices.
– Perform interrupt read after close message on BF1 as per serial close.
– Perform interrupt read flush as per serial open on BF1 devices.
– Add information for 2nd USB interface on BF1 devices and choose interface 1
for bulk transfers.
– usbutils – bulk transfer copy test fix
– usbutils – add USBDEBUG for usb_bulk_transfer
– Add more read_ii variants to usbutils.
– Name remainder of BFU usb commands used.
– Use submit_tested_work in bitfury driver to avoid unnecessarily re-testing the
work for validity.
– Abstract out work submission once it’s been tested, to be used by drivers that
do their own internal validity testing.
– Store the hash2 array in struct work for further reuse.
– usbutils – which_intinfo not requried
– Use the test_nonce function within submit_nonce and store the uint32
corresponding to hash2 37 for further use.
– usbutils – interfaces must all be on one handle – ep implies the interface
– avalon stats use exact type
– Only set share diff if we’ve confirmed it’s a share first.
– Update ASIC-README for bitfury devices.
– Use an array of offsets when checking nonces in bitfury_checkresults
– Limit the duration we wait for reads in BF1 based on time already elapsed to
account for other delays such as work restart messages or out of work.
– Minimise size of serial string we copy in BF1 stats to avoid overflow.
– Implement basic API stats for BF1 and increase array of results to check for
the rare straggling result.
– Space debug output for bf1 to separate from numerals.
– Abstract out the bitfury open close and reset functions and use them on
– Rename BF1 devices BF1
– Check for work restart, breaking out early after usb reads in BF1.
– Do not lose the first sets of results from BF1.
– There is no point checking for results from the next round of work on BF1.
– Last result returned by BF1 is an end of results marker so ignore it.
– restart_wait should return 0 if thr_restart is true.
– Remove unused code by bitfury driver since current driver uses serialised
– Meter out return of estimated hashes in BF1 to smooth out visible hashrate.
– Optimise inner scanhash loop for bf1.
– Add yet another backup work for triple buffering of work in bf1 to account for
extra late results returned and don’t check nonce offsets which appear to never
– Name the work request and result usb commands for BF1
– Define a mandatory upper limit to waiting for reset and data on BF1 based on
full nonce duration.
– Decrease usb buffering to verbose logging.
– Add in first draft for a serialised work model sending/receiving data for BF1
– Add complete close sequence to bf1 as it happens on serial.
– Provide a bitfury identify function for bf1.
– Reliably extract BF1 information at startup and reset the device.
– Add commands for getting BF1 bitfury info
– Add magic BF1 bitfury open and close control sequences.
– Add BF1 detection code to bitfury driver.
– Create basic placeholders for bitfury driver code.
– Add bf1 device information to usbutils to enable device detection.
– Add basic defines for building for bitfury devices.
– Add redfury device to udev rules.
– avalon: display the FPGA controller version on API
– pool_active uninitialised_var rolltime
– Use macro expansion to only need to define usb enums and commands in one
– usbutils saving incorrect overflow buffer
– ignore libusb.la and *.lo on linux
– icarus support CMR with no extensions
– usbtils – interfaces dont work yet in libusb windows so disable for that only
– Provide a –disable-libcurl config option to build support for stratum mining
– Fix the api-example.c compile under Linux
– usbutils – only release the device once – for the first intinfo
– usbutils set_interface is no longer valid
– ubsutils interfaces much each have their own handle
– usbutils kernel_detach should use the interface number
– usbutils – allow the driver to change which_intinfo
– Reset quotas on load balance for all pools at the same time to avoid running
out during selection and unintentionally dropping to fallback.
– Break out of select pool from a common point for appropriate debug messages
and to avoid further tests.
– usbutils correct/reverse CMR product numbers
– usbutils specifically track handles and interfaces
– change drivers to use usb_interface() – required for multi interface change
– usbutils – allow a device to use multiple interfaces (and better var names)
– Cast -1 to (char) to cope with different default char types on ARM.

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