cgminer updated to v3.6.6

cgminer has just been updated to version 3.6.6 today. cgminer is a command line based mining application which allows you to mine crypto-currencies. See our Mining guide on how to get started.

You can download the latest version here: http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/

Complete changelog information for the new version is outlined below:

Version 3.6.6 – 26th October 2013
– Remove inappropriate extra locking in _usb_transfer_read
Version 3.6.5 – 26th October 2013
– klondike – fix uninitialised dev bug
– Adjust the binary ntime data in submit_noffset_nonce even when there is no hex
ntime string for eg. gbt.
– Put an entry into the work struct telling drivers how much they can roll the
ntime themselves.
– Only set libusb cancellable status if the transfer succeeds.
– Remove the applog on miner threads dying to prevent deadlocks on exit.
– Do one extra guaranteed libusb event handling before testing if there are any
pending async usb transfers.
– Use a linked list for all usb transfers instead of just cancellable ones.
– Provide a mechanism for informing drivers of updated work templates for
stratum and gbt mining.
– Add cancellable transfers correctly to the ct_list
– Check for presence of thr in icarus get nonce for startup nonce testing to
– Use cancellable usb transfers in the icarus driver to avoid having to loop and
poll when waiting for a response and to speed up work restart response time.
– Add a usb_read_ii_timeout_cancellable wrapper
– Add usb transfer cancellation on shutdown and documentation regarding where
cancellable transfers are suitable.
– Use cancellable transfers on bitfury device.
– Cancel cancellable usb transfers on work restart messages.
– Don’t bother having a separate cancellable transfer struct for usb transfers,
simply include the list in the usb_transfer struct.
– Add wrappers for usb_read_cancellable and usb_read_timeout_cancellable
– Specifically set the cancellable state for it to not be uninitialised in the
usb transfer struct.
– Alter the usb cancellable list only under cgusb_fd_lock write lock.
– Pass the cancellable option to _usb_read options to decide on whether to add
usb transfers to the list of cancellable transfers.
– Create a linked list of potentially cancellable usb transfers.
– Don’t attempt to disable curses or print a summary during an app restart to
prevent deadlocks.
– Keep the libusb event handle polling thread active until there are no async
usb transfers in progress.
– Keep a global counter of how many async usb transfers are in place.
– Perform libusb_submit_transfer under the write variant of cgusb_fd_lock
– klondike – error condition handling
– Avoid entering static libusb directory if –with-system-libusb is enabled.
– Minor opencl build corrections.
– Enable dynamic linking against system libusb –with-system-libusb
– Modify Makefile to only include opencl related code when configured in.
– Convert opencl to need to be explicitly enabled during build with
– Implement a cglock_destroy function.
– Implement a rwlock_destroy function.
– Implement a mutex_destroy function.
– Add usb command name to critical libusb error reporting.
– Use windows’ own higher resolution time and handlers allowing us to have
higher precision absolute timeouts.
– Fix lldiv error in windows cgminer_t calculation.
– miner.php correct sort gen field names largest to smallest
– api … the code related to device elapsed
– api add device elapsed since hotplug devices Elapsed is less than cgminer
– Drop usb buffering message to debug logging level.
– Do the ntime binary modification to the work struct when submitting an ntime
offset nonce within submit_noffset_nonce
– Code cleanup and improved documentation
– Improvements to support for BitBurner boards
– Convert libusb transfer errors to regular libusb error messages to allow for
accurate message reporting.
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