cgminer updated to v3.7.2

It’s time again to update your miners. cgminer has just released version 3.7.2 of their command line mining software. You can download the application from the following location:


The changelog for the udpate is included below:

Version 3.7.2 – 5th November 2013
– Clean up completely on avalon shutdown.
– Use cgsem timed waits in avalon driver to not miss any queued wake ups to
account for async messages coming during a flush work.
– Statline before is too long on icarus that doesn’t have monitoring.
– Different windows+usb combinations respond with varying levels of reliability
wrt timeouts so use a nominal extra 40ms before cancelling transfers that fail
to time out on their own.
– Do all hotplug_process under the write mining_thr_lock
– Fix for opt_worktime on big endian machines.
– Correct set_blockdiff for big endian machines.
– Make sure cgpu exists in the restart threads loop in cases of hotplug etc.
– Treat usb write timeout errors as unrecoverable.
– Transfer errors are filtered out in usbutils now so no need to look for them
in NODEV checks.
– Remove now unused entries from struct cg_usb_device
– Do not double up with checking for end of timeout measurements in usb
– Do get_work in fill_queue without holding other locks.
– Initialise usb after all the locks and conditionals are initialised.
– Use only a trylock in flush queue to prevent deadlocks.
– Add a wr_trylock wrapper for pthread rw lock write trylock.
– Scale diff for scrypt when testing for block solves.
– Fix for non curses build.
Version 3.7.0 – 4th November 2013
– Use WRITEIOERR macro check for all usb writes.
– Always use a usb read buffer instead of having to explicitly enable it.
– Force unlocking of the console lock on restart to avoid corrupting the console
state when we finally quit.
– Never wait indefinitely for a pthread conditional in the hash_pop loop in case
the work scheduler misses the last wakeup.
– Make hash_pop signal the work scheduler each time it waits on the conditional
that it should look for more work.
– Discriminate between libusb transfer errors and regular libusb errors and make
sure to capture them all.
– Always read a full sized transfer for bulk reads.
– Deprecate preferred packet size functions in usbutils since they’re unhelpful.
– Copy known transferred amount back to buffer for usb reads instead of
requested length.
– Treat timeout errors on usb writes as IO errors.
– Ignore iManufacturer from bitfury devices to support bluefury as well as
– Add more debugging info for when usb details don’t match.
– Look for timeout overruns in usb read/write.
– Use an int for usb_read/write to identify overruns.
– Use the callback timeout as a safety mechanism only on windows.
– Instead of using complicated sleeps to emulate characters per second on usb
writes, submit only as many characters as can be transferred per usb poll of
1ms, and use timeouts in bulk transfers, cancelling transfers only as a
– Remove discarded work from quota used.
– Display works completed in summary and API data.
– Store how many work items are worked on per pool.
– Make each pool store its on reference for what the most current block is and
fine tune management of block change in shared pool failover strategies using
the information.
– Rationalise use of current_hash to a single hex string the length of the
previous block and display only the first non zero hex chars of the block in the
status window.
– Update uthash to latest.
– show_hash doesn’t know the size of the string so hard code the max size.
– Remove as many initial zeroes as exist on share display, abstracting out a
hash show function to use across different submission mechanisms.
– Add missing endian swap functions for 64bits.
– Sanity check for absurd target setting and divide by zero.
– Abstract out conversion of a 256 bit endian number to a double, correcting
errors and use it for determining any magnitude share diff.
– Avoid the extra generation of a byte flipped hash2 in struct work and directly
use the LE work hash.
– Add a sanity check to avoid divide by zero crashes in set_target
– Calculate diff from target accurately for all 256 bits.
– Set a true 256bit binary target based on any diff value in set_target()
– Provide a copy_work_noffset function for copying a work struct but changing
its ntime.
– Make calls to flush queue and flush work asynchronous wrt to the main work
– Share is also above target for submit noffset nonce.
– Use round for displaying current pool diff.
– Use round for stratum share diff display instead of floor.
– Use round instead of floor for displayed pool difficulty.
– Allow arbitrary diffs to be tested against nonces via a test_nonce_diff
– Abstract out the rebuilding of hash2 in work.
– Share is above, not below target, when it doesn’t meet it.
– Add the ability to add uint8 and uint16 entities to api data.
– Use a non blocking connect with a 1 second select timeout when initiating
stratum to allow us to iterate over all IPs returned by getaddrinfo in round
robin DNS pools.
– Minor style changes to output.
– Revert two different hash_sequence(_head)’s to one variable, use
– Remove duplicate HF_SEQUENCE_DISTANCE() macro, and duplicate hash_sequence
from info structure
– Structure changes for OP_NONCE, add big endian header
– klondike – initialise stat_lock
– klondike – better to unlock locks than to lock them twice 🙂
– Add copyright notice to knc driver.
– Trivial style changes to knc driver.
– Improve performance of work generation by optimizing hex2bin and bin2hex
– klondike – change options to clock and temptarget only
– klondike – fix another uninit dev warning
– klondike – downgrade ‘late update’ but add an idle detect – and correct error
– klondike – fix isc uninit warning
– Use a mutex to protect data in the knc structure, to prevent loading more work
during a flush, and unlock and return to main between calls to get_queued_work.
– Use the existing device_data for knc state data.
– Only count successful nonces as hashrate in the knc driver.
– Fix trivial warnings in knc driver.
– Add KNC to api
– klondike – drop the device for hotplug if it’s unresponsive
– usbutils – usb_nodev() allow a driver to drop a device
– klondike – single ‘shutdown’ and ensure it happens
– klondike remove SCNu8 – unsupported on windows
– Correctly calculate sleep_estimate in usbutils that may have been preventing
usecps from working.
– Use a sanity check on timeout on windows.
– Better HW error count; disable permanently those cores which fail often
– KnC driver: knc-spi-fpga ASIC driver
– Fixup jansson & libusb include paths when using separate build directory
– ‘llround’ is more suitable here than ’roundl’
– Silence warning if MAX/MIN is already defined
– Remove prebuild ccan/opt dependencies
– Reinstate block solve testing.
– Dramatically simplify the calculation of blockdiff.
– Simplify the set_target function, allowing it to work properly for fractional
– Merge hashfast driver
– Merge KnC driver
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