Coin Pursuit: Clearing the Air about Cryptocurrency


Stories about Bitcoin and other digital currencies are all over the media these days. They trumpet the news that the market is either up or down and there doesn’t seem to be any gray area between those who love digital currencies and those who hate them. Frustrated potential investors often walk away from the subject entirely because no one has taken the time or effort to really explain cryptocurrency to them in a clear manner that doesn’t have an obvious agenda to push.

The industry is a young one—only about five years old, all told—and as it continues to experience growing pains, the market begs for a comprehensive website that serves as a one-stop information and reference source for all subjects relating to cryptocurrency. Coin Pursuit is stepping in to fill that void.

“People see articles about Bitcoins or other currencies, or they see vendors who accept them as payment, but there’s no background, no definitions, and no context for them,” notes Coin Pursuit CEO David Forrest. “No one’s going jump feet-first into a market they don’t understand.” That, explains Forrest, was the underlying inspiration for Coin Pursuit.

The website features tools to help investors understand how to keep track of their investments, including digital wallets for the storage and maintenance of their digital currency accounts. Links are also provided to resources such as the currencies themselves, cryptocurrency exchanges, mobile applications, and vendors who accept alternative currencies as payment for goods and services.

The heart of Coin Pursuit is information. The site includes a glossary of terms unique to the cryptocurrency field, and thoroughly-researched articles in plain English which discuss trends and issues affecting investors. In the spirit of keeping the website dynamic and up-to-date, both the glossary and article sections will be updated on a regular basis. There is also a forum where members can share experiences and exchange trading tips with their fellow investors. Since digital currency investors are also the owners, there’s a “we’re all in this together” attitude Coin Pursuit’s team plans to support and help flourish.

Coin Pursuit’s mission is to help potential investors, no matter if they’re new to the game or are already experienced in stock and commodity markets. It doesn’t take a financial wizard to invest and trade wisely in cryptocurrency, but it does help to have a trusted source they can bookmark and refer to for information and advice. Coin Pursuit’s team is dedicated to being the best resource for all involved. “No one should go into this blind,” Forrest—who is a cryptocurrency investor himself—added. “We’re here to help those interested in digital currency to make informed and smart investment and trading decisions.”

Check out for yourself why this pursuit isn’t trivial at all—and bookmark coinpursuit.com.

For more information, email forrest@coinpursuit.com or call (512) 632-3668.

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