Coinkite Black Friday Deal! 50% off the POS Terminal



Coinkite’s Black Friday Deal!

Simple rules,

  1. We will keep the terminal price at 50% off during the 29th. (Around ~$550 CAD)
  2. The price may be corrected during the day according to Bitcoin exchange rate.
  3. Invoices must be paid on the same day (Nov 29th 2013) until midnight EST.
  4. We only accept Bitcoins. (If you want to pay with Litecoins please contact so that we can arrange it manually prior)

Use this link to skip invite and create an account

More information about the POS can be found here

Ships internationally!

What is Coinkite? The best online wallet, a payment network and crypto-currencies debit cards! Learn more here


About the Terminal

Operating just like a conventional credit-card payment terminal, this device works exclusively with cyptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Your cashiers and customers will find this field-proven and resilient hardware easy to understand and it can survive being dropped.

Key Features

  • Shipping first batch on Q1 2014 (details on website)
  • You can transact in Bitcoin without a computer, phone or tablet.
  • High-quality laser QR code reader can scan public keys (Bitcoin addresses).
  • Integrated receipt printer prints QR codes and it is easy to understand the receipts.
  • Accept and issue Coinkite’s debit cards.
  • Accept payments from any Bitcoin user (including Bitcoin-QT, Coinbase, Bitstamp, BIPS and others).
  • Buy and sell your Bitcoins at retail prices.
  • GSM and Wi-Fi, which are available worldwide, so it just works, anywhere!
  • Check exchange rates any time (prints to receipt)
  • You can slo set your own exchange rate
  • Print invoices
  • …and a lot more
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