Coinmart.co – A Cryptocurrency Marketplace for BTC, LTC, DGC (In Development)


Coinmart is a cryptocurrency marketplace where users can buy or sell services and virutal/physical items. Coinmart offers a platform for both merchants and everyday users to buy and sell items or purchase services. From a merchant selling 100’s of ASIC Miners to a Web Developer offering services and even for a guy selling his 2 year old GPU, Coinmart has got you covered. Check out their introductory video below:

Coinmart will connect you to buyers from all across the globe wanting to buy your products and services. It’s Amazon meets eBay meets Microlancer. A a merchant it will help scale your business without the hassle of maintaining your own website. As a service provider it will help connect you with countless potential buyers and as your average Joe it will help you sell just about anything.

Sellers have their own dashboards to track sales, stock and open orders. Merchant listings are also synced on Amazon and eBay platforms. A built-in escrow system ensure that both buyers and sellers are safe from scams and theft.

Press Release : http://digitalcoin.co/forums/index.php/topic,625.0.html

Coinmart Shares Auction : They are auctioning off 10% of all the available shares in Coinmart exclusively on the Digitalcoin Forums : http://digitalcoin.co/forums/index.php/topic,625.0.html. Shares give you the right to claim declared dividends. All net income will either go to retained earnings for building reserves, or be declared as dividends and distributed proportionally.

The Coinmart development team is quite an impressive one. The founder, ShimalH, is the guy who did the Digitalcoin Website Redesign : http://digitalcoin.cloudvent.com. The rest of their development team who have done quite a bit of freelance work (http://www.freelancer.com/u/letsassist1.html?ref_project_id=5221378) over the past year are the really special guys. The were the guys who did the Cryptsy redesign.

The’ve also done work on the following sites :

Best of luck to Coinmart.co. Looks like they have a really bright future ahead of them.

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