This section will list all cryptocurrencies. We will try to keep this list updated as things change. Clicking on the name of the coin will also bring you to the specific coin’s information page where you will find information, statistics, exchanges, links to services, pools, etc..

Major Coins

The big players. These guys aren’t going anywhere. The safest bet to retain their value.

Coin Descritpion
Bitcoin (BTC) first, strongest, most accepted, most mined, high volume market, a true currency
Litecoin (LTC) second only to BTC , faster than BTC, Smaller efficiency gap between GPUs and CPUs , ASIC-hostile


These coins have established services and an active community. They are on the cusp of joining the big leagues.

Coin Descritpion
Digitalcoin (DGC) Scrypt coin. Almost instant transactions, Strong community, 20 sec blocks. 0 starting diff + progressive reward.
Devcoin (DVC) merged mined with BTC, 90% of generation goes to foundation, 10% to miners
FeatherCoin (FTC) LTC clone with 4x more coins. starting diff 0
Namecoin (NMC) merged mined with BTC, used for alternative p2p domain system
NovaCoin (NVC) scrypt hashing[like LTC], proof of stake [like PPC]
PPCoin (PPC) Proof Of Stake [very innovative, low energy], compatibile with BTC miners

Alternate Currencies

Promising Alts

These new coins have got something going for them, weather it be a nice active community, a fair launch or nice services. These are coins to watch out for.

Coin Descritpion
Anoncoin (ANC) a coin with I2P support
Argentum (ARG) LTC clone. Same dev as DGC.
BBQCoin (BQC) faster version of LTC.
BitBar (BTB) scarce, PoW + PoS[like PPC] scrypt. 0 starting diff + quick adjustment.
Bottlecaps (CAP) NVC clone, with a 0.25 diff start and quick 9 years inflation
CHNCoin (CNC) LTC clone, announced on chinese forum first.0 starting diff
Freicoin (FRC) 4.89% anual demurrage. for the first 3 years 80% block subsidy goes to foundation, 20% to miners.
Franko (FRK) LTC clone. fast blocks. 0 starting diff. scarce.
Fastcoin (FST) LTC clone. 12 sec blocks. 0 starting diff.
PrimeCoin (XPM) mining PrimeCoin helps looking for prime numbers, instead of wasting energy. for now cpu-only.
SecureCoin (SRC) CPU coin using 4 different algorithms
Worldcoin (WDC) LTC clone. 15 sec blocks. 0 starting diff.
Other Alts
Coin Descritpion
Alphacoin (ALF) LTC clone with 1000000 premined and starting superblocks.
Americancoin (AMC) premined LTC clone with 6.5k-14k blocks giving zero reward
Bitgem (BTG) NVC scarce clone. 0 starting diff
CasinoCoin (CSC) LTC clone. 0 starting diff, superblocks at start.
Cloudcoin (CDC) 1000000 premined NVC clone with random blocks.
Copperlark (CLR) Uses new hashing, SHA-3. CPU only. Massively premined
CosmosCoin (CMC) NVC fork with no fees and transaction comments
Crimecoin (CRM) A little (0.03%) premined LTC clone.
CryptogenicBullion (CGB) 0.94% Premined NVC Clone
Diamond (DMD) Scarce NVC clone with random reward.
Doubloons (DBL) LTC clone. 0 starting diff
ElephantCoin (ELP) LTC Clone with random blocks and in-blockchain messages.0.4% premined.
Emerald (EMD) LTC clone. progressive starting reward. scarce.
EzCoin (EZC) LTC clone. 0 starting diff and superblocks
FerretCoin (FEC) LTC clone. 0 starting diff.
Florincoin (FLO) a coin with transaction comments
FreeCoin (FEC) Yacoin clone.
GlobalCoin (GLC) LTC clone
Galaxycoin (GLX) Fast NVC clone with constant reward for 8 years.
Grandcoin (GDC) JKC clone
GIL premined LTC clone with random reward.
Goldcoin (GLD) LTC clone. 0 starting diff, 2000% superblocks at start [3.2% instamine]
Growthcoin (GRW) Super quickly mined NVC clone, halving every 3 months + 100% RoI! Exponential inflation.
HoboNickels (HBN) Fast NVC clone. Extreme, over 100% ROI. 0 starting diff.
Infinitecoin (IFC) LTC clone with huge reward of 524288
IxCoin (IXC) merged mined with BTC, BTC clone.
JunkCoin (JKC) LTC clone. 0 starting diff with superblocks, random superblocks.
Jupitercoin (JPC) Scarce LTC Clone. 0 starting difficulty, 0.27% premined.
KingCoin (KING) New algo: Keccak 512 + Chacha + Keccak 256
Krugercoin (KGC) LTC clone. 15 sec blocks. 0 starting diff.
Lebowskis (LBW) NVC clone.
LuckyCoin (LKY) superblocks at start, random superblocks [JunkCoin clone].
Megacoin (MEC) based on 8.2 code. 0 starting diff.
MEMEcoin (MEM) premined LTC clone. 10 sec blocks. 0 starting diff + superblocks.
MemoryCoin (MMC) SHA512 + modified scrypt coin with grands.
Mincoin (MNC) LTC clone, started with no binaries and 25000% reward blocks. 0 starting diff
MasterCoin (MST) premined LTC clone
NanoToken (NAN) premined LTC clone
Nibble (NBL) LTC clone. progressive starting reward.
Noirbits (NRB) LTC clone
Nuggets (NUG) premined LTC clone with random superblocks and constant base reward.
Paycoin (PYC) CosmosCoin clone
Pennies (CENT) Hidden launch Yacoin clone.
PhenixCoin (PXC) LTC clone. 1’000’000 coins premine
Philosopherstone (PHS) NVC Clone with random blocks and in-blockchain messages.
Quark (QRK) Sifcoin clone. CPU only.
RealCoin (REC) premined LTC clone
Sifcoin (SIC) Uses new hashing, series of SHA-3 candidates, CPU only.
Spots (SPT) smallchange clone, 0 starting diff. Used for precious metal exchange
Supercoin (SPC) JunkCoin clone. 0 starting diff
Sexcoin (SXC) JunkCoin clone
Stablecoin (SBL) Relaunched
UScoin (USC) premined LTC clone
ValueCoin (VLC) 0,75% premined LTC clone
XenCoin (XNC) premined LTC clone
YACoin (YAC) Yet Another altCoin. NovaCoin fork, with modified scrypt hashing
Zetacoin (ZET) BTC clone, sha256.
ZenithCoin (ZTC) Freicoin based -demurrage +Scrypt. 50% tax for developer.