NovaCoin Stats
Hash Algorithm Scrypt
Block Reward 9.59 NVC
Block Time 20 Seconds
Coin Cap No Limit
Diff Adjustment 1 Block
Release Date February 9, 2013

Novacoin is a hybrid scrypt Proof-of-Work + Proof-of-Stake based cryptocurrency operating with no central authority via peer-to-peer open source network. Novacoin has no hard cap except for the 2 billion coin max that has been entered for coding purposes; this can be lifted in the future if needed.

Current Value (BCT-e)

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Wallet Downloads

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Mining Info

Pool Mining

Pool Address Pool Type Pool Fee
http://coinpool.ru/ Pushpool O%
https://hynodeva.com/ Pushpool 3.7%
http://nvc.khore.org/ Pushpool 4%
http://nvcpool.com/ Pushpool 0%
http://virpool.com/ Pushpool 2%
https://nvc.pmine.net/ Pushpool 0%