CryptoAve Reveals New Screenshots

CryptoAve has just released some new screenshots for us to look at. This time featuring  the user settings and deposit sections. CryptoAve is tentatively set to launch by the end of the year or in early 2014. CryptoAve will give users the possibilities of trading from fiat to BTC/LTC/DGC/ARG/SRC and vice versa.  It will also include a payment processor to allow merchants to easily integrate these coins as a payment option on their websites. We are always excited and get a little giddy when we get updates from CryptoAve. These screenshots are no exception. We can’t wait to see this exchange in action.

(note: These are only teaser screenshots of the site while it is in a very early development phase. Not all planned features are represented and results will most likely vary with the actual experience. They are mostly to preview the look and feel of the exchange)




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