CryptoAve Shuts Down Temporarily To Fortify Security

cryptoaveJust a few weeks after launch, CryptoAve announced it was shutting down temporarily in order to fortify it’s security. Citing multiple hack attempts have been made on the exchange, Baritus deemed it safer to bring the exchange offline in order to re-examine the code to ensure top notch security. It is important to note that all funds are safe and accounted for and no information has been compromised in the recent attempts. This is simply a precautionary measure to ensure long term security and to fix up any holes. Below is the announcement made by Baritus:


CryptoAve has been targeted heavily by hackers since launch. The security has withstood all the attacks and all of the users’ funds are secure.

I will be taking down the website to recode all of the PHP parts as I don’t feel confident in the security of the language for an exchange environment. I’ve also come to the realization that there are many more hackers and thieves in the exchange industry than I expected. Additionally, hackers are targeting crypto users in general, leaving CryptoAve and myself liable for situations out of my control.

I will be shutting down CryptoAve until all the PHP has been recoded and the website fortified.

Please withdraw all your funds. The exchange will not be keeping any funds during the downtime period.

You can withdraw your funds by sending an email to admin[at]cryptoave.com from your registered CryptoAve account email. You need to include:
-Security Question
-Security Answer
-Birth Date
-Addresses for DGC/BTC/ARG/SRC/LTC/PPC balance

Thank you for using CryptoAve and sorry for any inconvenience.


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