Curecoin Team and Franko Collective brings you Franko Folders!

frankoHere’s a really innovative and interesting concept from Franko and Curecoin. It’s the first ever pool to pay people for helping find the cure for cancer. Here’s the post from Bitcointalk.org

The Franko Collective has been very generous in helping the CureCoin team with our research!

Now you can fold and earn Frankos Smiley

site : http://cryptobullionpools.com

What is folding at home? Stanford’s Distributed computing project that aims to make better medicine and possibly even replace deadly chemo therapy with a cell specific nuclear medicine, and much more.

For a very detailed guide ( Thanks Vorksholk ) see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=268556.0

Lets come together and throw a little gpu power / cpu power at the folding project, and show the world what the crypto community can do.

All previous users your name is still in the database. New users please follow the guide to ensure you are credited and receive your Frankos.

As always I must thank everyone that has helped us get so far. The CureCoin team is currently holding around rank 570!

Thanks to Franko Collective for making this possible with your donations!

Current payout will start small and increase as more folders start completing work units.

Enjoy  Wink

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