Digitalcoin v1.1 Mandatory Update

DigitalcoinThis is a mandatory update for all DigitalCoin users. All wallet QT and daemon users must update before block 625,800. Please update ASAP.

Change log:
– Difficulty stepping further refined to 25% in either direction.
– Checkpoints updated.
– Further library improvements for even more stability. Libraries are now compiled separately and can be shared with SRC and ARG clients.
– Wallet and daemon no longer require any configuration to synchronize. Just download and run.
– Lowered amount of memory used by a running client.

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/baritus/digitalcoin
Windows Wallet: http://digitalcoin.co/download/DigitalCoin-V1.1-QT.zip

How to Update:
Replace your current wallet files with the ones provided in the download.

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