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Official Website:

About EarthCoin

Do we REALLY need another ALT?

*It’s happening, they’re everywhere! Nothing is stopping anyone from
launching their own project/coin/crypto.

However, due to the recent cluster* in the market we’re all seeing developers
and teams try to bring something to market that will last, and all we get
are quick short lifecycles and 20 more coins before your portfolio can even
mature from last weeks launches…

Our goal isn’t to compete, as much as compliment, create balance, and
not divert into launching 9 more coins because we can. Instead, we’d like to
see what kind of actual substance and value we can create with a coin that
represents us all. No matter what race, age, ethnicity, we’re all a part
of this beautiful planet, and who knows maybe this tiny lil’ grass roots
idea might be enough to unite some/many of us!

EarthCoin is a new generation scrypt coin that is a descendant of Litecoin.
Like Litecoin – it uses scrypt as a proof of work scheme.

EarthCoin uses a 365 day period. It will start with 10,000 coins per block,
and it varies in a sine curve with amplitude of 2,000, with a period of
one year (like the Earth moving around the Sun).

This means that you start with 10,000 coins, and it adjusts at each block,
reaches a maximum of 12,000 coins per block after about 3 months, then
it will descend gradually to approx 10,000 coins per block again at about
6 months. Then a new minimum of 8000 coins per block at about 9 months.

Then we reverse that – to climb and return to 10,000 coins per block at
one year, before finally cutting the payout in half.

Every 14 days there will be one day with X2 payout.
Every 31 days there will be one day with X5 payout.

Day 1 – Day 3 are special super rewards days to celebrate the launch
of the coin, and provide incentive to the early adopters.

Day 1: X5 payout
Day 2: X3 payout
Day 3: X2 payout

Premined 2% for promotions, giveaway, bounties, dev and long term support.

Other Specifications:
– 60 seconds block target
– Difference retargets each block
– Total coins will be 13.5 billion coins
– 5 confirmations for transaction
– 50 confirmations for minted blocks
– support transaction message
– normal block on average 10000 coins per block, varies seasonly
– The block payout will be halved every year, minimum payout 1 coin per block

– The default ports are 15677 (Connect) and 15678 (RPC)

Bounties will be announced too.

Mining Pools

Mining Pool #1
Proportional Payouts

Mining Pool #2
stratum only
prop payouts.

Mining Pool #3
only 0.75% fee!

Mining Pool #4
PPLNS Payouts based in the US.
FEES 2.5%

Mining Pool #5
It’s prop pool based on EU fast servers.

Mining Pool #6
0% Fee
12+12 Core Intel
PROP Payout
DDOS Protection


Official Giveaway Thread:

Trading / Exchanges:
Before this coin goes to an exchange, please use extreme cautions for trading, check this for safety tradings:

Sparkzor’s trading thread:

Windows Client Downloads:

Alternate download:

Source Code Download:

How to Start
Using the following nodes to join the network:


Sample .conf File: earthcoin.conf

How to Solo Mine

1. Start up earthcoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit.
2. Put earthcoin.conf (see sample file above) in your c:/users/**yourcomputername**/AppData/Roaming/EarthCoin
3. restart earthcoin-qt, and you should connect and sync.
4. For solo mining, launch cgminer or the mining program you use and begin mining.
cgminer ex: cgminer.exe –scrypt -o localhost:15678 -u **yourusername** -p **password** (without **)

How to mine Earthcoin [EAC] using Digitalocean Cloud VPS
Thanks to virtualdn

* The developer is here to stay – he’s one of the dev’s behind one of the most popular
alts and has been down this road before. Second time to market with a proper team
usually means great things to come.

* The things that matter most for all involved have been taken as a priority – Pools/Miners
are going to love this, end users/investors/speculators are going to love this, the lifecycle
will (hopefully) be long with many incentives along the way to help ensure it sticks around.

* Branding and marketing are being taken seriously, who knows where this ends up or how
far we go – we don’t want to be caught off guard, called a jokecoin/scamcoin, or have a
quick run and that’s it.

We’re extremely excited to actually see the project officially be put into the communities hands
and see what happens with it.

Thank you kindly in advance bitcointalk, miners, pools, people, patient wives (lol), for joining
us on this exciting journey into unchartered waters – let’s meet for a drink on the moon in 2014!

(SH*T HAPPENS CLAUSE – I ALWAYS PUT THESE, because just when you’re about 99% done
your fancy new project, SH*T HAPPENS! Hoping we’re smooth sailing from here though)

Feel free to ask questions, drop feedback. There’s only two of us doing online support for this, and
it IS the crazy season IRL – so we’ll do our best to try to juggle and be here as needed.

Let’s go!

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3 comments on “Earthcoin Launches – Neat Idea
  1. lee says:

    hi im only 2weeks into the crypto currency world, and still trying to get my head round it all. read a lot of threads about lots of coins, some good and some bad.for newbies like myself bad comments about coins can be disheartening and offputing with getting involved with crypto currencies.its hard because there is not enough lehman talk for the complete beginner who doesn’t no enoughth about computers just needs a little more help for begginers because I feel the non crypto community needs to be engaged more because they are the ones to target for the whole crypt currency to work and newbies to believe in.im saying that because earthcoin is a great looking and appealing coin the marketing sounds great, I shall be telling as many people as I can to get involved and spread the word.because I believe this coin could work for the benefit of everyone, and I wish the creators the people who get involved all my best wishes.

    many thanks

    • CryptoMaster says:

      My honest advice to anyone who is just getting into crypto. Steer clear of new coins. Many of them will die out after an initial hype and never make it to an exchange. Many of them are simply “pump & dump” type coins where the creators are trying to make maximum profit and have no real desire to actually develop services for their new currencies. Brand new currencies are always very high risk and “newbies” shouldn’t touch them. The chances that a new coin will be the “next” Bitcoin are slim to none. It’s always best to stick with a coin that is a little bit more established while you get to wrap your head around this whole crypto thing. Look for a coin that is older than 6 months, has a decent hash rate and is already listed on a few exchanges. Sure, you might be a little late to the party at first, but at least you will be investing in something a little bit more stable. Brand new coins are for high risk players and speculators. Best of luck to you and good luck in the crypto world!

  2. … and if you’d like to mine at a reliable pool to get some Earthly coins đŸ™‚ please visit https://eac.bettercoin.org

    Happy Holidays!

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