Ebay Leaks Plan To Endorse/Accept Bitcoin?

ebayHas Ebay just leaked some information that would make it seem like they are seriously considering accepting Bitcoin for their auctions? Recently, a pro Bitcoin article was released on Ebay’s official blog. However, it does not seem like you are able to access the article via traditional means. There are no links to it from the Ebay page. The only way to access it is by following the direct link. It seems to be an unpublished blog post. But why bother writing it?

This poses many questions. Does this mean that Ebay is considering implementing Bitcoin into their service? Is this a mistake? Did someone unintentionally post the entry? Or is this just a prank from one of Ebay’s junior interns or disgruntled employee?

It would make no sense for Ebay to promote Bitcoin as it is currently a direct competitor and a threat to their sister company, Paypal. The only way it makes sense for Ebay to promote Bitcoin is if they are actively investigating implementing the coin as a payment method. How would this all work? One would have to assume that Paypal would be used as some sort of escrow service to assist in the transfer of coins in order to prevent scams. Meaning, Paypal could charge fees for transfers and payments. Seems like a win/win. Not only would Ebay embrace it’s competition, it would crush any similar Bitcoin only operation simply because of it’s name.

So, what do you think? Is this legit? A mistake? A hoax? Let the conspiracy theories begin!

You can view the original article here: http://deals.ebay.com/blog/whats-the-deal-with-bitcoins-anyway/

And just in case this was a mistake and Ebay takes the article down, we’ve taken a screenshot of the article for your viewing pleasure.



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One comment on “Ebay Leaks Plan To Endorse/Accept Bitcoin?
  1. It would be great if a large company like eBay supported bitcoin. It would give the bitcoin community much more legitimacy and people would use it more

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