Electrum 1.9.8 released

The popular lightweight Bitcoin wallet has just released an update. This release includes some features initially planned for version 2.0.

See the release notes below:


# Release 1.9.8

(This release includes features initially planned for version 2.0)

* Electrum servers were upgraded to version 0.9. The new server stores
a Patrica tree of all UTXOs, an idea proposed by Alan Reiner in the
bitcointalk forum. This property allows the client to directly
request the balance of any address. The new commands are:
1. getaddressbalance <address>
2. getaddressunspent <address>
3. getutxoaddress <txid> <pos>

* Command-line commands that require a connection to the network spawn
a daemon, that remains connected and handles subsequent
commands. The daemon terminates itself if it remains unused for more
than one minute. The purpose of this is to make scripting more
efficient. For example, a bash script using many electrum commands
will open only one connection.


Packages can be downloaded here: https://electrum.org/download.html

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