Feathercoin Hard Fork – Mandatory Update

feathercoinThe latest Feathercoin version is now available and is a mandatory update. This update includes a hard fork of the block chain to accommodate the changes made in this patch. This hard fork should happen roughly around the 1st October which is only a week away. To be able to send and receive Feathercoin after block 87948 you have to use the new client. Continuing to use old clients after the hard fork could result in the loss of coins.

Primarily this update is to further the refine of the difficulty adjust. Though the current Feathercoin difficulty which we changed to get us out of a tough spot it is not fair for long term miners who have to experience 41.4% swings on every adjust. The new code will adjust four times more frequently at 126 blocks but to approximately 9% which still gives the exact same overall adjust. To prevent the difficulty from being sent up or down too rapidly the current 504 sample window is being maintained and damping is being introduced to reduce fluctuations between extremes.

There have been long running discussion and arguments on the Feathercoin forum including simulations of various different options surrounding this solution. Feel free to take a look at the latest discussion here.

To get the latest update please go to the Official Feathercoin Website and download the client from the homepage.

Official Feathercoin Website

Move to 126 difficulty adjust with 504 averaging window and .25 damping
Reduce effectivness of Time Warp attack
Reinstate CAlert system
Make getnetworkhashps more accurate
Release Windows binary with QR encode

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