Free Bank of Digitalcoin Announced

DigitalcoinDigitalcoin has just announced it is working on a new exchange service. The service should be released in 2-3 months.

It is time to announce the Free Bank of Digitalcoin, an initiative that aims to introduce  a new concept to the crypto-world.

What is the FBD?
A community inspired and funded effort to further the usage of DGC as a store of value and monetary unit.

What services are provided?
The primary service will be hedging and profit enabling. FBD will allow people to purchase DGC at a fixed rate (set to match market price), and hold contracts that provide the option of selling back the DGC at purchase price. Deposits and withdrawals will initially be accepted in bitcoin, litecoin, and USD.

How is this useful to me?
The FBD will serve to lower investor risk in crypto-currency and allow simple, risk free cash flow into digitalcoin.

1. John Doe decides he wants to invest in digitalcoin but he can’t handle downside risk.
2. J.D. contacts the FBD for a DGC quote.
3. J.D. purchases digitalcoin directly from the bank and is given the option to sell them back at purchase cost.
4. Now, if the price drops, J.D. can execute his option and sell back the coins at purchase price. If the market rises, he can sell his digitalcoin on the open market.

By removing liquidity uncertainty regarding DGC, the FBD will serve to promote and nurture digitalcoin growth.

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