iXcoin: a very old Bitcoin clone ready to skyrocket

ixcExamining the world of cryptocurrencies, you will notice how 2013 has given birth to a great number of new coins. Many are just based on a meme, a momentary trend, or just having a nice name. Actually, 2014 will see new coins every day and the progressive death of many of them, simply for one reason: a peer to peer coin bases its existence on mining, able to guarantee the continuity of the coin, and credibility, in other words the ability to bring innovative features to the market.

It’s interesting to notice how the major coins have passed the test of time. Among these iXcoin, also known as IXC, born in 2011, clone of Bitcoin, has raised in 6 months from 1 to 11 USD cent. However, it’s still a ridiculous price for it. The reason? This coin has continued to be steadily mined for more then two years, but its creator decided not to advertise it too much, letting many investors out of the game.

Things have changed during the last months. iXcoin is now closely mirroring Bitcoin updates. It has a new developing team (Frictionlesscoin, also known for developing NEX). New features, like colored coins, are going to be added within a few months. Even Ghash.io / Cex.io has shown an interest in it accepting iXcoin as payment for their mining, evaluating in this days the possibility to start the trading of iXcoin with zero fee on CEX.io. iXcoin home page: www.ixcoin.co

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One comment on “iXcoin: a very old Bitcoin clone ready to skyrocket
  1. EvilDave says:

    iXcoin may be a legitimate project from FrictionlessCoin, but he is in no the way the creator of NEX.
    He has simply cloned the source code of NXT, stolen all of the user-created promo material and is attempting to damage NXT in any way possible.

    He claims that his actions are because he was not included in the initial public distribution of NXT, even tho this was open to all investors.

    There are fears in the wider crypto-community that his launch of NEX is going to devolve into a de facto scam.



    For the full story on NEX, from both sides.

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