mcxNow releases final mcxFEE shares @ 0.4 BTC/Share

mcxmainmcxNow has released the final 45,000 mcxFEE shares for sale now at a cost of 0.4 BTC/share. At the time of this posting, there are currently 33,427 shares remaining. You can purchase your shares via the following link: https://mcxnow.com/buymcx.html

What is mcxFEE?

To quickly sum it up, each mcxFEE represents 0.001% of exchange revenue (no costs of operation are passed onto you), the more you hold the higher your income. Earnings are a 1:1 relation of fees generated and are paid every 6 hours. You can trade them whenever you want on the exchange.

Visit this page to find out more about mcxFEE and what it can offer you financially.

What is the cost for each mcxFEE in the second release?

0.4 BTC each

How much money does mcxNOW make each month?

For October 2013 mcxNOW will have generated around $95000 USD in income. Fees generated at mcxNOW have risen very fast over time as more people find out about the unique features and stable platform. Fees generated in July only totalled $10000 USD, you can see that in 3 months income has increased nearly 10 fold.

Does mcxNOW have any plans to increase revenue?

Starting on October 29 2013 trade fees have been increased to 0.25% (up from a very low 0.2%) so there is an immediate boost for all mcxFEE holders and interest payments. Going forward mcxNOW will diversity into gaming and next generation cryptocurrencies. We estimate about 50% of revenue will come from non trading fees within 2 months and combined with an increase in trading volume and fees should see exchange revenue approaching $250000 USD per month by 2014.

Further growth in the general cryptocurrency industry will see even more gains as mcxNOW is the premiere trading platform and highly scalable.

How many mcxFEE exist in total?

There are 100000 in total, 50000 are reserved for site operation and 50000 are available to be purchased. Currently 26000 of the sites share pay interest payments and hourly lotto. This leaves 24000 mcxFEE to operate the site which is currently plenty.

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