MegaCoin Launches Paper Wallet Generator

megaaddressSource: https://github.com/skincoin/megaaddress.org

Hey all,

With the rising demand for Megacoins, the demand for a good paper wallet generator has risen with it. In response, I’ve taken some time to port over the wonderful work that was bitaddress.org to support Megacoin wallets.

While basic testing of generating/importing wallets has been done with and without BIP38 encryption, your help is needed. Please try to generate some wallets and see how importing them goes for you, and let me know if you have any problems.

Remember that this is currently a preview, so please hold back on taking it too seriously until we get some feedback.

Additional Features:
Entirely client-side and based on existing working code (modified for appropriate Megacoin public/private key prefixes)
Server doesn’t keep any access logs
URL includes SHA1 hash of page

Add wallet artwork and general better design for Megacoin – can we use OneMillion’s new design?.
Translation and text fixups – it’s very crude now
Non self-signed certificate – enable after testing is completed
Add PGP signatures for further security beyond the SHA1 hash

Feedback is appreciated, and remember that this is test software so do not trust it with your life (don’t trust non-test software with your life).

If you appreciate this or would like to encourage further and faster improvements, you can donate to MLz4vBbZinGbdZcWUnvvUVq7D8h2iM3K7S and I’ll treat it as a message to continue working on new features to make Megacoin stand out even more. I’m new to Megacoin, so if this turns out well I will continue creating tools for the community.


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