Pet supply e-commerce startup accepting Bitcoin

vetic-logo-whiteVeterinary Internet Company, an e-commerce retailer selling pet supplies at www.vetinternetco.com, is now accepting Bitcoin for all pet supply purchases. VetInternetCo.com is working with Atlanta-based Bitpay, the large Bitcoin processor whose clients include WordPress, Zynga and the Sacramento Kings. The new payment options are just part of the company’s ongoing technology philosophy, which includes using open-source software, securing customer privacy and creating an unobtrusive, requirement-light shopping experience.

VetInternetCo is a startup pet retailer based in North Alabama, selling pet supplies from food to supplements and medications to unique toys. “I’m a believer in open standards and freedom,” says founder Ricky Esneault. “With Bitcoin we have a currency that is freely owned by anyone, a system that protects the consumer, and works seamlessly internationally. Bitpay is the easiest way to accept Bitcoin. They’re easy to talk to, easy to get started with, and hassle-free.”About VetInternetCo Veterinary Internet Company & VetInternetCo.com is a family-owned, independent business based in beautiful North Alabama. With a staff which has over 32 years experience in the pet field, including a consulting veterinarian, VetInternetCo.com is dedicated to satisfying our customers with the highest quality products, priced affordably, and shipped quickly to keep pets happy and healthy.

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