PhenixEx Shuts Down

phenixAfter a few weeks of having issues with customer withdrawals, PhenixEx has announced it will be closing down. It seems the exchange took up more time and energy than the creators were prepared for. If you access the site now, you will see the following message: “PhenixEx is now closed. Please send all refund requests to phenixexrefunds at gmail.com, please include your username and refund requested.”

The following was also announced on BitcoinTalk.org:

Hello all,

I am very sorry that it came to this. and i apoligize sincerely for that.

Due to circumstances in my private life I have neglected support for Phenixex.
Because my situation isn’t going to change. I can’t maintain developing for Phenixcoin and Phenixex.

I know we let alot of people down and I am deeply sorry for that.

I would also like to apoligize to John Car who had no way to resolve the deposit and withdrawl issues and felt very let down by my absence and everything that came out of that.

Further more I want to state that Magnet, Joerri, Nazawish and others that have been supporting Phenix are in no way to blame for this mess.
They have been really genuine in their support and efforts to make phenix a succes. They are let down the most and they didn’t deserve that it ends like this.

Our intentions were sincere, believe it or not and we looked very much forward to making phenix a succes.

Sometimes life catches up in ways you don’t expect and I am very sorry that people got caught in the middle.

I will resolve every issue that has risen and will make sure people will get their coins back.

Phenixex.com will be closed with a notification message on it.

On the site will be an e-mail adress where people can write to about how many coins they have stuck in the exchange.

They will get refunded as soon as possible.



CryptoSource will be removing all links to the exchange shortly.


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