Photos From The Bitcoin Embassy Meetup In Montreal

1002356_504040926341129_1076189249_nWe went to the Bitcoin Embassy’s meetup in Montreal yesterday and had a great time. This is such a wonderful idea for anyone interested in crypto, new or old. It is a great thing to be able to openly discuss crypto in a face to face setting instead of behind your computer screen. Meetups such as these allow for great networking opportunities as well a chance for collaboration on new ideas. Be sure to check for local meetups in your area. We recommend them to everyone.

The staff members of the embassy were very knowledgeable and helpful. The space is simply gorgeous in a 3 story building consisting of a loft space for meetups, offices and an upcoming store. It was both intriguing and refreshing to hear about their ideas and plans to integrate Bitcoin in the local community. Meetups such as these offer a real sense of community and real opportunity to start changing the world. Kutos to the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal! Cheers to all the new people we have met and best of luck in your endeavors. We will definitely come back for the next one.

You can check out the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy here: http://www.bitcoinembassy.ca/

Here are a few photos from the event:

IMG_1234 IMG_1229 IMG_1226 IMG_1220

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