Photos & Recap from Montreal’s Bitcoin Embassy Meetup (Nov 23rd, 2013)

1002356_504040926341129_1076189249_nThe day of the latest Bitcoin Embassy meetup has come and gone. This has been the 3rd meetup CryptoSource has attended and the turn out for this event was ridiculous. Attendance has easily doubled since the last meeting just a month ago, perhaps even tripled. All I know is that seats were mighty hard to come by at this event. The fact that Bitcoin has quadrupled in value in the past few weeks surely helped with the turnout as well 😉

This just goes to show that hard work and dedication from the great team at the Embassy pays off in the end. They are constantly fighting the good fight, promoting their events, providing information to those who need it and going out of their way to explain Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to anyone who will listen. Not an easy task, if you’ve been asked the same basic questions a thousand times. The Embassy staff take it with stride though. They keep the smiles on their faces and are simply happy to be able to educated the masses and keep happy knowing they are contributing to the long term growth of the crypto economy.

This meetup followed the same open approach as the last meetups. The meetup begins with a networking phase, where you can meet new people and discuss crypto with like minded people. Then, each of the embassy staff members will take the mic and introduce themselves along with the Embassy’s mission statement and what they are currently working on as well as new projects in development. There are always a few special guests that will introduce their own respective projects. This meetup allowed us to get know representatives from Blockchain.info, Bylls, BitCredits.io and more.

This is all followed by an open mic session where anyone in the room can introduce themselves and talk about their new businesses, ideas and progress on new crypto developments… or simply to ask questions which the room is always more than happy to hear the answers too.

Montreal’s Bitcoin Embassy has truly created something very special here. There is a strong sense of community and satisfaction coming out of these meetups. Every time I walk out of one, I feel like we are changing the world. Time for a revolution 😉 I definitely keep coming back as long as these meetups continue. Until next time, here are some photos from the latest event:

IMG_1273 IMG_1278 IMG_1283 IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1288 IMG_1290 IMG_1298 IMG_1305 IMG_1308 IMG_1312 IMG_1315 IMG_1317 IMG_1320



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One comment on “Photos & Recap from Montreal’s Bitcoin Embassy Meetup (Nov 23rd, 2013)
  1. btc-folkz says:

    and for those in MTL who missed it and are only speaking french : the user-to-user Bitcoin exchange place Localbitcoins.com is now available in French too : https://localbitcoins.com/

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