Photos & Recap from Montreal’s Bitcoin Embassy Meetup (Oct 19th, 2013)

1002356_504040926341129_1076189249_nAnother Bitcoin Embassy meetup has come and gone and I must say, they keep getting better and better every time I go. After a brief networking session where you could discuss Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with your peers, the Embassy presented their team members and provided updates regarding their future plans to open up a Bitcoin store on the lower level of the Embassy. Introductions where made and new start ups were presented. BitCredits.io aims to revolutionize Bitcoin payment processing with a smooth and streamlined process moving away from 3rd party plugin type processing and offering a direct integration with your store’s brand offering a unique shopping experience for your customers. Bylls is a system that will allow you to pay most of your standard bills using Bitcoin and should be launched shortly.

Once the introductions were over, you could either continue networking or, if you were so inclined, the Embassy offered 2 different information sessions that you could attend. One as an introduction and to Bitcoin where beginners could get a brief overview of Bitcoin and how it could benefit them. The team would assist users in setting up their wallets and obtaining their very first Bitcoin address. People could either sit and learn or ask open questions to a team of very knowledgeable staff that were ready to assist at every opportunity.

Another session offered an overview of the Bitcoin mining process. Discussing how transactions are formed, inputs and outputs, block heights, network difficulty fluctuations and retargets. Not to mention a very informative overview of hashing algorithms and nonces and how they are stored on the block chain as well as the mathematical probabilities of “mining” a transaction block.

Once the sessions were over, the Bitcoin Embassy proceed with their very first version of Satoshi Square where users could trade and barter for Bitcoins as well as buy and sell from each other using cash. You could place your bid and ask prices and if they were accepted, the friendly staff were on hand to assist with the transaction process.

Overall, this even was a great success. I really enjoyed meeting new people in the crypto community and making new friends. It’s also a very different atmosphere to discuss crypto related issues as a face to face conversation cannot compare to a simple forum thread. The Bitcoin Embassy is about building a community and embracing regulatory issues in the hopes of bringing Bitcoin to the masses. We can’t argue with that! Congratulations and thank you to the Bitcoin Embassy team for another wonderful and successful event. You can get more information about the Embassy on their website (http://bitcoinembassy.ca/). Below are some photos from the event:

IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMG_1247IMG_1242IMG_1252 IMG_1263 IMG_1250 IMG_1249IMG_1259IMG_1270

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