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coinkiteCurrently, Coinkite is an invite only service in beta testing. For the next 72 hours, you will be able to bypass the invite process if you visit Coinkite via the CryptoSource website.

Coinkite empowers customers and merchants to transact in Bitcoin in both online and physical worlds — just as you would do with online banking and debit cards. They will offer online bitcoin banking, merchant payment terminals and Bitcoin debit cards. They offer mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phones. Coinkite will offer Bitcoin and Litecoin functionality to start.

The service acts as a web wallet. With their Coinkite debit card you can receive Bitcoins anywhere. There is a QR code and an address printed on the back of the card so you can simply present the card to any bitcoin user and have them scan your code to send you Bitcoins. The card can also be used to purchase onsite from any business with Coinkite POS terminal.

The POS payment terminals will be hand-held hardware devices similar to the terminals used to pay by credit card in restaurants. The terminals will include a QR laser scanner, a smart card reader (to accept their debit cards) and a receipt printer. The terminals are now available for pre-order and will be shipped worldwide.

This is a really unique service and we wish them the greatest success.

For more information check out their FAQ here: https://coinkite.com/faq/

To bypass the invite only policy and take advantage of this unique CryptoSource promo, visit the following link and set up your account today!: https://coinkite.com/promo/crpsrc04

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