Scharmbeck Announces 500 Bitcoin Bounty


Scharmbeck is offering a 500 BTC bounty (currently, $485,000 USD equivalent; ref. www.mtgox.com) to celebrate meeting beta test, marketing and social media goals!

Rules for collecting the bounty:

1. A randomly selected Scharmbeck Feeshare (SBFS) holder will be invited to perform the simple bounty task within seven (7) days of Scharmbeck selling out second round SBFS shares on the Cryptostocks exchange (https://cryptostocks.com/securities/60).

2. Eligible SBFS holders must own at least one (1.0) full Scharmbeck feeshare (SBFS) at the time of the random drawing.

3. Eligible SBFS holders must have enabled the ‘Disclose my email’ checkbox under the [Account] [Settings] [General Settings] of their cryptostocks account (https://cryptostocks.com/settings/edit) prior to the drawing, and the email address corresponding to their cryptostocks account must be a functioning email address capable of receiving notification of selection.

4. Each Scharmbeck feeshare (SBFS) owned comprises a 1-in-200,000 chance to be selected to win the bounty. The more SBFS you own at the time of the drawing, the greater your chances to be selected.

5. The drawing will be videotaped and witnessed in live attendance by two members of Scharmbeck, one member of the Worldcoin Foundation, and one active member of the freenode.net #worldcoin IRC channel community.

6. Members and employees of Scharmbeck, and their immediate families, are not eligible to be selected.

Scharmbeck is the leading online service provider for Worldcoin cryptocurrency services. Of all available cryptocurrencies, Worldcoin was selected for its Bitcoin-like security features, its robust reception and support by the mining community, its rapid transaction confirmation times (critically important for acceptance and use in commerce), its mining and reward dynamics, and its early adoption growth potential.

Worldcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency whose creation and transfer is based on open source encryption protocols. Worldcoin is similar to, but significantly improves on Bitcoin. The Worldcoin network will produce thirteen times as many currency units as the Bitcoin network. When the Worldcoin network has fully matured, Worldcoin’s improved transaction features are expected to allow Worldcoin to achieve a parity market valuation of at least 0.077 BTC per Worldcoin.

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