Scharmbeck Mining Pool – It’s Live!

worldcoinThe dawn of a new day, has never looked, as good as this! That’s a quote from a song, and far from reality, because Bitcoin ruined my investments by flippity flopping all night & morning. Stupid piece of sh…. Anyway! There is some news that eased my mood a bit, so let’s get started on that, shall we folks?

As you probably have read, and if not, you really should be ashamed of yourself, the first scharmbeck interim dividends have been paid out to SBFS holders. These interim payments are coming from a 20 Mhash/sec mining machine, dedicated to mining Worldcoin, exchanging it to Bitcoin, and thus paying out that BTC value divided over Scharmbeck shareholders.

Revolutionary as that idea was and is, it actually got even better. Now, you can actually increase your interim dividend payments by…mining. Sounds crazy? Perhaps, but there’s a good reasoning behind this. Don’t get all mad, waving your hands in the air in outrage, sit down you silly person.

The Scharmbeck mining pool has opened today. It operates as any other Worldcoin mining pool does : you create a worker, connect to the pool, submit shares and find blocks. There is a very low, for now at least, pool fee of 0.5%, which will eventually be increased to 2%, when the pool has reached it’s full potential.

So how does this help you gather bigger Scharmbeck Fee Shares’ interim dividend payments? That is rather easy to explain! 100% Of all fee and pool donation revenue will be distributed among Scharmbeck Fee Share owners. A rather ingenious idea, come to think of it.

Unlike any other coin, or pool, the pool fee will actually be paid back to you. For every block found, you lose 0.5% (or soon 2%), but that percentage will be returned to you in Bitcoin, rather than Worldcoin. It really doesn’t get much better than that, if you ask me. Plus, the Worldcoin network hashrate gets spread out more because of this new pool.

It’s also a very good move to keep tieing Bitcoin to Worldcoin in this regard, as you are, in a way, mining both Bitcoin and Worldcoin at the same time. I know this may seem like a brigde too far for some of you, but if you look at the facts, that’s exactly what you are doing.

All in all, this is another great move by Scharmbeck. The project is looking more awesome every week. Who knows what we can expect next from the land of Worldcoin? Stay tuned…

Mining Pool Link: http://mineworks.scharmbeck.com

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