SecureCoin Launching Tomorrow @ 8PM UTC


Exciting news for the crypto world. A new CPU only coin will be officially launched tomorrow @ 8PM UTC. We have been looking forward to this ever since they announced their development had begun.

The aim of SecureCoin is to provide a secure, fast, and reliable network that is supported by active and involved developers.

Reward Per Block: 5
Time Between Blocks: Every 1 minute
Difficulty Retarget: Every 1000 blocks
Reward halves: Every 2.1 million blocks
Block confirmations: 20
Transaction Confirmations: 5
Total Coin Supply: 21 million
Algorithms: Grøstl, Skein, BLAKE, BLUE MIDNIGHT WISH, JH, SHA-3
GUI: Unique design and optimizations
Launch: Fair launch with ascending rewards
Pre-mine: None


More information as well as links and guides coming shortly… stay tuned


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