Smallholders (You) and You

bitcoinIn case you were wondering, there is no going back. The Crypto Age is now irrefutably and undeniably upon us.

With the support of the U.S. government and the adoption of cryptocurrency in the Chinese markets, there is now no question that Bitcoin and its mortal progeny have nowhere to go but up. Touted by Max Keiser as the revolution that never came after the crash on Wall Street, cryptocurrencies at large stand to offer anyone with the interest and savvy (and a little bit of luck) an opportunity for upward mobility that the Western Capitalist system might not have offered.

But for the millions who are just now hearing about waves being made in the United States Senate and Asian markets by Bitcoin—and the billions who won’t be indoctrinated for years to come—getting into the crypto market now of all times may seem like an intimidating (and expensive) task. However, by using market forces to your advantage, it is still possible to turn a small investment into something that could be worth a lot one day down the road.

Step 1. Get into crypto, and stay in crypto. Even the poor souls who got suckered into buying Bitcoin for $260 before it crashed in April are still looking at a 100%+ profit in post-$900 November. A year or two from now, a $900 dollar Bitcoin will have seemed like a bargain.

Step 2. Get in small, trade at peaks for valleys. Get in by mining altcoin and trade for one of the Big Three (Namecoin now rounding out the trio) if you have to. The speculator who buys into Litecoin at $10 and sells for USD at $50 will eat for a day. The speculator who buys into Litecoin at $10 and trades for BTC at $50 before Bitcoin breaks $1k again will eat for a lifetime.

Step 3. Trade safe, trade smart. This is the one piece of advice that you will find from everyone and will follow you wherever you go, as such it probably useless from me. Don’t try to arbitrage your way to crypto heaven. Power players lament their losses on Twitter  all the time—at least until the last few weeks or so. But they can afford to take the hits; you can’t.

4. Define your goals, stick with them. Develop a strategy, even if it’s as simple as waiting for LTC to hit its first bubble at MtGox before exchanging them all for BTC to solidify your first Bitcoin holdings in a one-time deal. Seek out altcoins that are primed for a rise, and then trade them for something better when the ratio gives you a bonus.

After all, the only time better than the present is already past.

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2 comments on “Smallholders (You) and You
  1. CryptoSpain says:

    I could not agree more with you. I read about 100 articles on crypto and this for me is the more I will serve. I promise to donate you when 1 LTC when it reach $50

  2. eLBee says:

    Thanks for reading!

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