In an effort to offer all of you more quality content, CryptoSource is very excited to announce our new Earn & Be Heard program!

The program allows anyone willing to write up an article to earn some Bitcoin! Simply submit your article to us along with any artwork or imagery you want included, if we approve your article and post it on our site, we will send you some Bitcoins!

In addition, you will be able to accept additional tips for each individual article you write, so if users like your article, you can earn even more!

Getting started is easy! Please read the submission guidelines below and fill out the form for your article to be considered.

Looking For

We are currently looking for articles on the following subject matter:

  • Breaking News
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digitalcoin, Securecoin, Frankos, Anoncoin, Primecoin and other alternate coins
  • Cryptocurrency Regulation
  • Security & Anonymity Issues
  • Announcements & Information
  • Crypto Investment Strategies
  • Crypto Currency Related News

Things To Avoid

The following are subjects to avoid and articles will likely be rejected:

  • Advertising
  • Press Releases
  • Service Announcements
  • Shameless Self Promotion

Advertising and Press Releases should be submited via the standard news/update submission form.


  • Submitted articles used on the site are eligible for a reward of 0.004 – 0.007 BTC per article.
  • Breaking news and original news articles not posted anywhere else will be eligible to receive the higher rewards (0.02 BTC).
  • Opinion pieces and general news will be paid 0.004 – 0.007 BTC depending on the quality and length of the article.
  • Most quality articles over 500 words will be paid 0.006 BTC per article.
  • Accepted articles meeting the minimum guidelines will be paid 0.004 BTC per article.
  • Payment amount for the articles are at the discretion of CryptoSource.org staff.
  • Payment will be made once an article is posted.
  • Articles can be held by CryptoSource and posted at a later date. Just because you submit an article today, does not mean we need to post it today. The posting date is at the discretion of CryptoSource.org and is dependent on our current budget.


  • Article must contain 400 words or more.
  • Article must be original. No copy/pasted material will be accepted.
  • Articles are subject to review and you will only be paid if the article is used on the site.
  • Articles must be written in college level English.
  • Articles must be crypto currency related.
  • Fill out the submission form below to submit your article.


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